Oxblood-y Marvellous

For those of you who have been switched on to colour this season will have noticed that Oxblood is just about everywhere. Maroon, dark red, blood red; call it what you like, it is undoubtedly the colour of AW12. Paired with black, skinny fit trousers, jeans, leggings, leathers, its pretty much a winner all round.

So let me tell you about today. There I am, sitting in, what I can only describe as truly joyous, two hour long financial management lecture, when my friend Sophie turns to me and says she has ordered RED uggs. Yes, you heard me, RED UGGS. At this point I made a face that I didn’t even have time to control, just because of my sheer bafflement at the news. Having realised how disgustingly rude I must have seemed, I recoiled and attempted to correct my reaction, and concluded that it was indeed an interesting choice and that they would probably look pretty cool. Anyway, later on a WhatsApp picture comes through of the infamous red Uggs. Well well well, what can I say. PURE BEAUTY. Dark, oxblood red, classic cut, beauties. If you are looking for a new pair of Uggs this winter, it has to be these. As much as I am a self confessed Ugg hater, except when your feet are begging you a for soft, sheepskin retreat from the harsh life of pumps cutting into the sides, boots rubbing your heels, and platforms that break your ankles, these are the exception to the rule.

All my love


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