So, those of you who know me will know how obsessed I am with PEPLUM. I think my total number of items has hit double figures now and if I’m honest, I don’t intend to stop there! The number of long sleeved peplums is on the rise, making it perfect for summer and winter!

As I said in my last post, my calves are colossal, and on that subject, so are my hips. Well hips, bum, thighs, that general area! And that’s why I love peplum so much. Nips in at the waist, fans out to cover up unwanted lumps and bumps, and flows into your feminine shape. Perfection!

I actually purchased a new one yesterday – yes I know, you caught me, I broke the shopping ban. But, id like to defend myself for just a second. I have had a couple of lucky sales on eBay in the past week or two and a decent day of tips from the generous customers of the pub on Sunday, so it’s not all bad! But yes, back to the peplum top. Black, long sleeved, with a grey tweed style panel down the middle. Let me tell you, versatile doesn’t even begin to cover it! Jeans, chunky cardigan and ankle boots, leggings and killer heels for play time, I even wore it with a pencil skirt and boucle jacket to the careers fair today.

Just £25 from River Island. One word. BARGAIN.

So yeah, peplum is the way forward. The day it goes out of fashion will be a sad day, but here’s hoping it clings on for a few more seasons, or better still earns itself a spot in the fashion staples, like our old 80s blast from the past – leggings!

Over and out chaps

All my love




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