Hi all

Posting today from the gorgeous heat of the Canaries, while enjoying a little winter sun jaunt with my dear mumma.

So naturally, being in the canaries I’m taking advantage of snooping out some cheap, though admittedly poor, replica fashion items. Picked up a cracking Louis Vuitton style travel holdall yesterday for €15 so not complaining one bit.

As always, the fakes get me thinking of how much I want the real thing, and how far in the future it will be that i can actually afford one!

While fantasising about the Mulberry Alexas, Bayswaters, and the one that got away last season (cry), the Effie, I came to realise that I’ve been caught up in the Mulberry hype, when I don’t actually really want one anymore.

My attentions have turned to the, more expensive yet much more classic, Chanel shopper. (Lauren Conrad style obvs).

Coming in at over £2500 it’s far far far out of my price range and likely to never happen, but you never know!

I definitely think that Mulberry has become really quite over rated in recent years, and it seems everywhere you turn someone has one! Beautiful as you are, Mulbs, I think it’s time I lay that dream to rest, and move on to greater loves!

Back to England tomorrow, 7am flight, which means a 4.15am wake up call! Made in Chelsea ep downloaded in preparation for the plane, so now alls left to do is have one last cocktail and wave the sun and sea farewell!

On that note, Toodles!

All my love