Mid Season Blues

Well hello strangers! It has certainly taken me some time to post since my last raving review of Lush sugar lip scrub, which I have just realised was back in January!

I hope everyone had a beautiful February. I had a bit of a crappy time but luckily its all sorted now. I won’t bore you with the details, I will just say that I am back and ready to blog again!

As the title suggests, the diligent amongst you may have guessed that I’ve got a case of the mid season blues, you know, fashion wise.

Every year it happens, Christmas is over, we’re all armed with somewhat healthy bank accounts after a bit of the usual Christmas dolla from the grandparents, we go racing down to the shops once the dreggs of the sales are over, and what can we see?? Teeny tiny shorts, crop tops and sandals. Now what on earth does one want with those in February where its practically the start of the unofficial British monsoon season?

Now I’m not going to kid you or myself, even if it were 90degrees outside, squeezing my larger than life hips and thighs into said tiny shorts and crop tops would probably scare off anyone within two miles of me, but the summery prints, florals and lightweight fabrics are what us girls of all shapes and sizes are yearning for at this time of year.

So the only choice we have is to either leave the shopping centres empty handed and feeling blue, or pick some up in advance and attempt to layer them with snoods and coats until the sun decides to come out of hibernation! (Or for the lucky amongst us, book some winter sun, though my dissertation has other ideas about that, so its plan A for me) But I have to say, it makes me pretty glum to put together a lovely summery outfit only to have to cover it with my coat before heading out.

Come on sping! Let us go out in just a top and bouccle jacket for just a few months before you get boiling hot please!

I am currently en route to London in the first class section of SW trains among the businessmen reading the financial times, but I can say the sun is beaming through the window onto my iPad screen making it almost hard to see what I am typing! So it looks like we’re heading in the right direction, mr weatherman!

Have a good day folks. Off to the K-West Spa for some pampering, not to brag or anything 😉

Over and out