What ever NEXT?!


Its Sunday, and I am unfortunately not getting a lazy sunday, I’m almost off to work, but thought I’d drop a post while drinking my coffee before I shoot off.

I’ve had a busy week this week! Handed in my dissertation and proceeded to spend the week drinking, eating and shopping. Can hardly complain! But anyway, back to business now!

My inspiration for today’s post has actually been building up for a while. Now, if someone said to you, have you been into Next recently, I bet most of you under the age of 40 would say no. Well high street shoppers, we have most certainly been missing out! Yes, okay, some of the items may be more aimed at ‘comfort on the school run’, but there are actually quite a few good buys in there, AND they’re a bargain, AND Next tend to size quite generously, so you can buy something a size smaller than normal and still have a Krispy Kreme on the way home! Winning!

So, next time you’re out shopping, pop into Next and have a look. Trawl through the cargo shorts and mumsy v necks, and you’ll almost certainly be surprised!

Here are some top picks at the moment, all available from Next.

ImageCigarette Trouser, £32

ImageBaroque Peplum, £18

ImageHeart Print Shift Dress, £65

ImageBright Orange Clutch, £22

ImageGrey Ombre Maxi, £48


Coco x

The Fashion Blogger’s Guide to the Galaxy

Oh hi again. I know right, back so soon. What can I say, I’m feeling inspired. And in the world of writing, when you feel inspired, just run with it, before you get hit with a bout of writers block and you can’t string together a McDonald’s order let alone a fashion post.

So the topic of today’s talk is GALAXY. No, not the smooth, silky, dreamy, marriage worthy chocolate bar, the print! Unless you’ve been living in some sorry, fashion deprived location like Cornwall (sorry Cornwallers for the generalisation) for the past year or so, you will have seen galaxy prints are everywhere. Now, while I am a lover of the print, in some places it has admittedly gone too far. Yes I am talking about Missguided.com. If you type ‘galaxy’ into their search bar, you get rows and rows of different dress styles, leggings, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, crop tops….pretty much every piece of clothing that has ever been worn can be purchased in galaxy print from these guys. Don’t get me wrong, theyre great, some real bargains and designer inspired bits, but there is just SO much on there I eventually get bored of trawling through (Asos take note. You’re overwhelming me too!).

Now, Christopher Kane has been one of my favourite designers for years now, and unsurprisingly, this guy nailed galaxy prints in 2011. Dresses, jumpsuits and tank tops were all made in the galaxy prints, and they look amazing. The print looks great in silk, but his galaxy dresses will set you back over £1000, and the tops well into the hundreds, and there are so many on the high street now, you needn’t pay these price tags!

For trends like galaxy, your best bet is to hit the online fashion retailers, like asos, boohoo.com, fashion union, own the runway, and missguided, as they generally have more choice and variation.

Here are some summer friendly, galaxy printed picks i’ve sniffed out:


This cute shirt is £17.99 from OwntheRunway.com


This playsuit is £38 by Sparkle and Fade at Urban Outfitters


This chiffon shirt with leather collar is just £12.59 from Missguided.com

I hope you have enjoyed my guide to the galaxy. I’m not a hitch hiker, I’m just a blogger 😉

Ta ta

Coco x

Time to Tan, Stan

Afternoon all!

The sun is out! Blue skies and a steady temperature! Finally! Not bad work, England, two months late perhaps, but better late than never!

So as its sunny outside, the best accessory you can be wearing is a great tan. Everything looks better on soft golden skin, and having a tan actually makes you look slimmer! Last year I actually got tan lines from a cut out swimsuit that in the right light made it look like I had abs, which is pretty impressive since my actual abs are nestled deep beneath 21 years of complex carbs and a mild chocolate addiction.

Now I’ve tried many self tans in my time, usually the gradual, moisturising ones because I find them less streaky, but I have recently tried Fake Bake’s Flawless tan, which is a liquid spritz bottle that you spray onto the super soft mitt and massage in. Its great because it gives you a glow instantly, but gets darker over a few hours, so you get a quick glow without the risk of a wash off tan, but the long lasting intensity of a gradual. Its about £22.95 and it lasts quite a while, and fades really well, so its a great purchase, but hey, who am I kidding? Blogging that fake bake tan is good is hardly groundbreaking news is it. No.

Which is why the main focus of this post is to introduce to you the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze moisturiser. Now, yes, it may loiter in its own aisle in the shops and doesn’t feel it needs to associate itself with the likes of St Tropez and Fake Bake, but head down the moisturiser aisle and it should be there. Yes, the packaging might look like its been dug out of your Mum’s 1970s time capsule, but it is actually a real find. It does carry a slight hint of the standard, sweaty biscuit smell of other moisturiser tans (yes I mean you, Garnier), but mostly that is masked by the chocolatey scent, which is great. It really moisturises your skin, too, and after two applications, I am certainly impressed. The first application didn’t wow me, but the next night I put another layer on, and this morning I was glowing. No streaking or clumping on the elbows and knees, and I must confess I didn’t fully exfoliate beforehand this time, so this is a great one for when you want a quick cheat! Granted, I did have it on my hands today, but that was completely my own fault for falling engrossed in the Big Bang Theory and not washing my hands for a good 20 minutes after application! Whoops! But even then, its not all that bad.

It retails at around a teeny £5, but in some places or on some deals you can pick it up for about £3.99 if you’re a real bargain hunter. Give it a try! Sometimes its the ones that are hiding away that are the real gems!


Give these a try and enjoy the start of summer with glowing skin!

All my love

Coco x

Fat Hair!

Do you have flat, lifeless hair that just seems to fall the same way no matter what you do??? Well, I can’t say this is exactly applicable to me – my hair does have a fair bit of volume (thank god) as its naturally wavy, but after 6+ years of straightening, colouring, blow drying, dip dying, and now highlights, what was previously big, thick hair, has become much more limp and weightless. I think all the different hair styles and colours I’ve had have all contributed to my loss of thickness, but I am pretty certain it was my brief love affair with weaved hair extensions that broke the metaphorical camel’s back. Three rows of Shepherd’s Bush’s finest weaves and my hair has never been the same since, and FYI, I would NOT recommend it. The first few nights it feels like your head is on a bed of nails, and then its constant paranoia that they’re growing out (because if you let them grow out too far they knot and have to be cut), itching, and nothing but aggro when washing it (it feels so heavy when its wet, you feel like you’re wearing a full fur coat on your head). Not to mention that you can’t give your scalp a good scrub when you’re washing it, you have to wash the hair hanging down, so as not to knot it.

Anyway, recently I picked up a product called ‘Fat Hair’, which is sold exclusively in Superdrug (as far as I know). I was sceptical, as I’m usually quite specific with my hair products. Pantene and L’oreal, no thank you. I do believe you get what you pay for, so usually splash a bit more on more expensive ones, either direct from the salon, or more expensive shop brands like Tony and Guy or Lee Stafford. Aussie Mega ones are also generally quite good too, which is what I was using before Fat Hair.
A bottle of the shampoo cost just under £6, so its a pretty good bargain, and you can pick up some 2 for £7 deals sometimes too (only downside is the lack of boots advantage points, as its exclusive to Superdrug). Unfortunately they were out of the conditioner, so I went for the volume mousse instead, which you apply to wet hair after shampooing. That was also around £6. From what I have read the shampoo and conditioner work by enhancing the diameter of your hair strands, and the mousses and styling sprays work on making the hair look fuller, so I would recommend getting the shampoo and conditioner as well as any other products, as I think they actually thicken the hair, whereas the other bits just make the hair look fuller.
I have done two hair washes with both the shampoo and the mousse now – I substituted the conditioner with whats left of my Aussie Volume conditioner, for now, and to be honest I’m quite impressed. At first I thought it hadn’t worked, but as I was separating my hair to dry it, it looked much more bouncy and bigger, and it stayed like that the next day too, which is something my usual hair can’t sustain for more than a day or two. I have trained my hair to only need washing twice a week, so I usually resort to using product on the third and fourth days to keep it looking fuller, but with the Fat Hair range, it stays volumised for much longer! When I get my mitts on the conditioner, I am hoping it’l be even better, and I think it will get more effective over time when the hair strands start to thicken.
Have a beautiful weekend!

Bottoms Up!

Oh hi,

How are we? Yes, its Monday, and that’s lame, but there is plenty to be smiling about. 

After all, they say its the little things, and tonight I have chosen the pressing topic of trousers to bring to the table to discuss!

Anyone who shops in H&M will know they have had a range of printed trousers all at around £14.99 for a while now, and only recently have I been brave enough to give a pair a go. Now anyone with any sort of decent hip circumference will know that in that store you pretty much just have to go in there with your head held high, grab a pair of trousers about 5 sizes bigger than usual, and skuttle into the changing rooms chanting “they’re really a size 8, they’re really a size 8” when theyre really way into double digits. 

So, thats what I did, and I was pleasantly surprised. I picked up a pair of dark red, sort of carpet printed ankle length bottoms for just under 15 big ones, and have never looked back. Now yes, the old thigh area could do with being a little slimmer to fully make them work, but to be honest I do not care! They’re different, casual cool, and can be dressed up or down, AND they’re a sweet price. You might think they’re not your style, but its definitely worth a go. I’ll certainly be heading back down there and scooping up a few new pairs once the final student loan hits my bank account next week! (yes, final student loan. where did four years of financial salvation disappear to!?)

Anyway, not a long post tonight as its late and I have my fashion marketing portfolio to crack right on with early tomorrow!

Got a cracking post on dogs for you all soon. Tune in.



Oh, and here’s a snap of the carpet print trousers teamed with a slouchy H&M black jumper, Topshop chunky necklace and Russell and Bromley brogues. Image

I’m not mini, can I midi?

Hey all,

Hope everyone is enjoying this bout of sun we’ve had lately…well, speaking to the fellow South coast-ers out there that is. Though having said that it is currently hammering what sounds like jelly beans against my window, but I’m sure its a minor glitch in the system. The unplanned indian summer will return tomorrow, I hope!

Now, the recent trend of midi dresses has been hard to ignore; racks and racks on the high street in prints I never knew existed, the midi dress/skirt craze has gone completely off the scale. So having dodged the trend thus far, mostly due to the epic resentment I possess against those skinny minnies who can wear them with crop tops and get their washboard abs out for the world to see, I eventually caved and purchased a bargain test-run from Primark to give it a try. Initially I was sceptical, but if I do say so myself, my hips and backside actually hid themselves away quite nicely for once, and so I thought, I’ve done it; I’ve officially opened up an entire new dress shape for consideration when shopping! Well well well, how wrong was I. Got a little too cocky a few days later and ordered a lovely floral, long sleeved, deep V neck (to allow the twins a little trip out) midi from Asos.com, with a cheeky 30% discount to boot. The parcel came, I slipped it on, and ran to the mirror, only to find I looked like I had stepped out of the 50 plus catalogue, worse still, the plus size section of the 50 plus catalogue! I was mortified.

So I have concluded, it is a really tricky trend to master, unless of course you’re a stick insect. With so many prints and cut variations out there, you really have to be careful of which are flattering and which are just a disaster waiting to happen to you and your lumpy bits!

Note to buyers: Invest in some spandex before purchase! Most designs on the high street are thinner than my Nan’s handkerchief – cellulite’s worst nightmare!

Anyway, I’ve scouted about and found some of the hottest midis about right now, but remember, try before you buy! These babies are far from consistent!

Ta ta




ImageFashion Union

ImageFashion Union

ImageFashion Union