I’m not mini, can I midi?

Hey all,

Hope everyone is enjoying this bout of sun we’ve had lately…well, speaking to the fellow South coast-ers out there that is. Though having said that it is currently hammering what sounds like jelly beans against my window, but I’m sure its a minor glitch in the system. The unplanned indian summer will return tomorrow, I hope!

Now, the recent trend of midi dresses has been hard to ignore; racks and racks on the high street in prints I never knew existed, the midi dress/skirt craze has gone completely off the scale. So having dodged the trend thus far, mostly due to the epic resentment I possess against those skinny minnies who can wear them with crop tops and get their washboard abs out for the world to see, I eventually caved and purchased a bargain test-run from Primark to give it a try. Initially I was sceptical, but if I do say so myself, my hips and backside actually hid themselves away quite nicely for once, and so I thought, I’ve done it; I’ve officially opened up an entire new dress shape for consideration when shopping! Well well well, how wrong was I. Got a little too cocky a few days later and ordered a lovely floral, long sleeved, deep V neck (to allow the twins a little trip out) midi from Asos.com, with a cheeky 30% discount to boot. The parcel came, I slipped it on, and ran to the mirror, only to find I looked like I had stepped out of the 50 plus catalogue, worse still, the plus size section of the 50 plus catalogue! I was mortified.

So I have concluded, it is a really tricky trend to master, unless of course you’re a stick insect. With so many prints and cut variations out there, you really have to be careful of which are flattering and which are just a disaster waiting to happen to you and your lumpy bits!

Note to buyers: Invest in some spandex before purchase! Most designs on the high street are thinner than my Nan’s handkerchief – cellulite’s worst nightmare!

Anyway, I’ve scouted about and found some of the hottest midis about right now, but remember, try before you buy! These babies are far from consistent!

Ta ta




ImageFashion Union

ImageFashion Union

ImageFashion Union


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