Bottoms Up!

Oh hi,

How are we? Yes, its Monday, and that’s lame, but there is plenty to be smiling about. 

After all, they say its the little things, and tonight I have chosen the pressing topic of trousers to bring to the table to discuss!

Anyone who shops in H&M will know they have had a range of printed trousers all at around £14.99 for a while now, and only recently have I been brave enough to give a pair a go. Now anyone with any sort of decent hip circumference will know that in that store you pretty much just have to go in there with your head held high, grab a pair of trousers about 5 sizes bigger than usual, and skuttle into the changing rooms chanting “they’re really a size 8, they’re really a size 8” when theyre really way into double digits. 

So, thats what I did, and I was pleasantly surprised. I picked up a pair of dark red, sort of carpet printed ankle length bottoms for just under 15 big ones, and have never looked back. Now yes, the old thigh area could do with being a little slimmer to fully make them work, but to be honest I do not care! They’re different, casual cool, and can be dressed up or down, AND they’re a sweet price. You might think they’re not your style, but its definitely worth a go. I’ll certainly be heading back down there and scooping up a few new pairs once the final student loan hits my bank account next week! (yes, final student loan. where did four years of financial salvation disappear to!?)

Anyway, not a long post tonight as its late and I have my fashion marketing portfolio to crack right on with early tomorrow!

Got a cracking post on dogs for you all soon. Tune in.



Oh, and here’s a snap of the carpet print trousers teamed with a slouchy H&M black jumper, Topshop chunky necklace and Russell and Bromley brogues. Image

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