The Fashion Blogger’s Guide to the Galaxy

Oh hi again. I know right, back so soon. What can I say, I’m feeling inspired. And in the world of writing, when you feel inspired, just run with it, before you get hit with a bout of writers block and you can’t string together a McDonald’s order let alone a fashion post.

So the topic of today’s talk is GALAXY. No, not the smooth, silky, dreamy, marriage worthy chocolate bar, the print! Unless you’ve been living in some sorry, fashion deprived location like Cornwall (sorry Cornwallers for the generalisation) for the past year or so, you will have seen galaxy prints are everywhere. Now, while I am a lover of the print, in some places it has admittedly gone too far. Yes I am talking about If you type ‘galaxy’ into their search bar, you get rows and rows of different dress styles, leggings, shirts, trousers, t-shirts, crop tops….pretty much every piece of clothing that has ever been worn can be purchased in galaxy print from these guys. Don’t get me wrong, theyre great, some real bargains and designer inspired bits, but there is just SO much on there I eventually get bored of trawling through (Asos take note. You’re overwhelming me too!).

Now, Christopher Kane has been one of my favourite designers for years now, and unsurprisingly, this guy nailed galaxy prints in 2011. Dresses, jumpsuits and tank tops were all made in the galaxy prints, and they look amazing. The print looks great in silk, but his galaxy dresses will set you back over £1000, and the tops well into the hundreds, and there are so many on the high street now, you needn’t pay these price tags!

For trends like galaxy, your best bet is to hit the online fashion retailers, like asos,, fashion union, own the runway, and missguided, as they generally have more choice and variation.

Here are some summer friendly, galaxy printed picks i’ve sniffed out:


This cute shirt is £17.99 from


This playsuit is £38 by Sparkle and Fade at Urban Outfitters


This chiffon shirt with leather collar is just £12.59 from

I hope you have enjoyed my guide to the galaxy. I’m not a hitch hiker, I’m just a blogger 😉

Ta ta

Coco x

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