Time to Tan, Stan

Afternoon all!

The sun is out! Blue skies and a steady temperature! Finally! Not bad work, England, two months late perhaps, but better late than never!

So as its sunny outside, the best accessory you can be wearing is a great tan. Everything looks better on soft golden skin, and having a tan actually makes you look slimmer! Last year I actually got tan lines from a cut out swimsuit that in the right light made it look like I had abs, which is pretty impressive since my actual abs are nestled deep beneath 21 years of complex carbs and a mild chocolate addiction.

Now I’ve tried many self tans in my time, usually the gradual, moisturising ones because I find them less streaky, but I have recently tried Fake Bake’s Flawless tan, which is a liquid spritz bottle that you spray onto the super soft mitt and massage in. Its great because it gives you a glow instantly, but gets darker over a few hours, so you get a quick glow without the risk of a wash off tan, but the long lasting intensity of a gradual. Its about £22.95 and it lasts quite a while, and fades really well, so its a great purchase, but hey, who am I kidding? Blogging that fake bake tan is good is hardly groundbreaking news is it. No.

Which is why the main focus of this post is to introduce to you the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze moisturiser. Now, yes, it may loiter in its own aisle in the shops and doesn’t feel it needs to associate itself with the likes of St Tropez and Fake Bake, but head down the moisturiser aisle and it should be there. Yes, the packaging might look like its been dug out of your Mum’s 1970s time capsule, but it is actually a real find. It does carry a slight hint of the standard, sweaty biscuit smell of other moisturiser tans (yes I mean you, Garnier), but mostly that is masked by the chocolatey scent, which is great. It really moisturises your skin, too, and after two applications, I am certainly impressed. The first application didn’t wow me, but the next night I put another layer on, and this morning I was glowing. No streaking or clumping on the elbows and knees, and I must confess I didn’t fully exfoliate beforehand this time, so this is a great one for when you want a quick cheat! Granted, I did have it on my hands today, but that was completely my own fault for falling engrossed in the Big Bang Theory and not washing my hands for a good 20 minutes after application! Whoops! But even then, its not all that bad.

It retails at around a teeny £5, but in some places or on some deals you can pick it up for about £3.99 if you’re a real bargain hunter. Give it a try! Sometimes its the ones that are hiding away that are the real gems!


Give these a try and enjoy the start of summer with glowing skin!

All my love

Coco x

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