What ever NEXT?!


Its Sunday, and I am unfortunately not getting a lazy sunday, I’m almost off to work, but thought I’d drop a post while drinking my coffee before I shoot off.

I’ve had a busy week this week! Handed in my dissertation and proceeded to spend the week drinking, eating and shopping. Can hardly complain! But anyway, back to business now!

My inspiration for today’s post has actually been building up for a while. Now, if someone said to you, have you been into Next recently, I bet most of you under the age of 40 would say no. Well high street shoppers, we have most certainly been missing out! Yes, okay, some of the items may be more aimed at ‘comfort on the school run’, but there are actually quite a few good buys in there, AND they’re a bargain, AND Next tend to size quite generously, so you can buy something a size smaller than normal and still have a Krispy Kreme on the way home! Winning!

So, next time you’re out shopping, pop into Next and have a look. Trawl through the cargo shorts and mumsy v necks, and you’ll almost certainly be surprised!

Here are some top picks at the moment, all available from Next.

ImageCigarette Trouser, £32

ImageBaroque Peplum, £18

ImageHeart Print Shift Dress, £65

ImageBright Orange Clutch, £22

ImageGrey Ombre Maxi, £48


Coco x

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