Bye Bye BB, BB Goodbye, Bye Bye BB, Don’t Make Me Cry-y-y

Yes, you guessed it. Today I will be telling you to ditch your BB creams in favour of CC creams!

CC stands for complexion corrector, and I can tell you, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I don’t know if any of you out there suffer from the redness curse like I do, but if you do, this is what you need. Whether its cold, hot, muggy, breezy, windy – you name it, my cheeks fill with a pastey rouge tint the second they get the chance, and most foundations, tinted moisturisers and creams don’t cut the mustard.

Last week I picked up the new Nip and Fab CC cream for £14.99 in Boots, and have been using it as day makeup coverage, as I realised I was chugging through my £38 bottle of Chanel foundation far too quickly, especially when the only place I’m ever really showing my face lately is at work and in the Uni library. Hardly screams beauty contest worthy of Chanel fluid does it.

Anyway, dubious, yes I was. But impressed? Even more so! It really gives your skin a matte finish, and evens out your skin tone. It only comes in dark and light, and the dark is more for the naturally tanned amongst us, so I went for light. Its the perfect base to top up with as much bronzer as you need (depending on how mad you’ve gone with the fake tan lately). I use NARS Irrisistiblement Bronzer for a summer glow. Its quite pricey at £24 from spaceNK, but its definitely worth it. I’ve had bronzers before that don’t really seem to add much colour, but this one makes a noticeable difference and lasts for ages. Use a good brush, too – Real Techniques are good and they’re really affordable too.

So, ditch the BB and give CC a try. If you’re still unsure, SpaceNK have a great range of both and explain the benefits, so have a look on their site and make your decision!

ImageNip and Fab CC Cream, £14.99


Irrisistiblement Bronzer, £24 by Nars

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