Sale Jewellery Haul

I have to admit, jewellery isn’t something I dedicate a massive amount of money to, mainly because it either breaks, or I misplace it, or it gets all tangled up in a draw and I can’t wear it anymore. Which is why, as soon as the sales start, I start to seek out some statement items. I’d say the majority of my statement necklaces have been purchased in the sale. Today I picked up some bits in Miss Selfridge and Topshop:





Necklace 1: £6 Miss Selfridge

Necklace 2: £2 Miss Selfridge

Necklace 3: £6 Miss Selfridge

Rings: £3 each Topshop

I can’t wait to wear these with shirts or slouchy tee’s!

Over and out


I’ve surrendered to OOTD.

Having said I would never partake in OOTD, I hold my hands up. I have surrendered to the craze, and here is my first offering. Now, I wish I had gone for something a little more exciting for my first one, but its my new pale blue cami that I mentioned a few posts ago, so I just had to sneak it in there! For me this is simple but classic.

I’m wearing Topshop Cami, Topshop Joni Jeans (Super stretchy, love love love these), Warehouse Jacket, Topshop Boots, Michael Kors Handbag, and Primark Necklace.



I love the back of this warehouse jacket, and people always stop me in the street and ask me where its from! Sorry for the awkward mirror shots! I haven’t yet found my camera that I lost somewhere in my room a while ago! I am also wearing no makeup and my hair isn’t done, but as its a far away shot I don’t really mind posting it on here.

I bought my Michael Kors bag a couple of weeks ago as a 22nd birthday present to myself, and I could not be happier with it. It was £260 which I think is pretty reasonable, and the quality has so far been amazing. It is made of Saffiano leather, which is one of my faves. Although it doesn’t have the softness of cow leather, it is really strong and you can tell its going to last for ages. Prada use it a lot too.


The boots aren’t as red as they appear in this pic – they’re more of a deep maroon. I got these for Christmas from my Dad (he didn’t pick them, I chose them!) and they are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn!


I’m off to lunch today with some work friends and then hopefully catching a bit of sunshine! Have a lovely weekend all xx

Desperate to try….

So, every time I visit my FAVOURITE beauty store, either in store or online, my beauty wishlist just quadruples in length, and this is one product I have had my eye on a while, and its in the sale. So tempted! Its the By Terry Skin Colour Enhancer. £64 down to £32 is an absolute bargain, but I already have so many skin potions, I really can’t quite justify it without being sure!

It has subtle colour graduation and plumps the skin, refreshing it with the smooth radiance of a good night’s sleep (which is something I often need to fake these days, working late nights at the pub!). It comes in a range of colours, but I’m unsure which one to purchase, so if anyone has tried this or has any info, please do let me know! I really think it could be a winner, as lately I have looked in the mirror many times hoping to see glowing summer skin, but being greeted by a dull, tired looking complexion. Im wondering if this could be the answer to my prayers….?


I also spotted the SKEEN Revitalizing Serum, said to have similar benefits. £72 down to £37 – another amazing saving. This one is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to promote skin renewal, so I can imagine how great it really is for your skin on the inside. Its whether this translates on the outside. Im wondering if what I want actually exists, or whether its just my face!!


I nearly peed with excitement when I spotted the JEMMA KIDD i-Rescue Bio Correct Cover for £5, but sadly the light and medium were both out of stock (sad face). I need to invest in something for the eye area, so suggestions are welcome!!


Leighton Denny Nails. Confessions of a Polish-aholic

Today I was lucky enough to receive a belated birthday present in the mail (don’t you just love it when that happens!). It was the Leighton Denny Travel Collection, and contains three full sized polishes, a dual ended manicure set, hand cream, accetone free nail polish remover, a glass nail file and a slick tips pen, for nourishing nails on the go.

I have to say I am extremely impressed with the products, and would definitely purchase others in the range. I find that nail polish is a cosmetics item that really warrants premium brand purchases, as the quality is just so dramatically better. These polishes are quick drying and the colours are great. The three included are I Love Juicy, Spring Fling, and Keep it Light. I was at first a little dubious as two of the three had shimmer in, which I am usually opposed to as it can look tacky, but these look really cute and subtle.

The hand cream is really nourishing and improves the appearance of your hands too, as well as making them soft and smooth – absolutely essential for my poor waitress hands!! As is the quick tips nourishing stick, packed with vitamins to nourish your nails. Again, perfect for my waitress hands and tired nails! The manicure stick is ideal as we’re not supposed to wear polish, but being a complete obsessive, I sometimes try and get away with a really light colour, if I can!

The set is available to buy online from QVC here for just £32.98, or Look Fantastic sell their products too. This is a new nail brand to my 96 strong polish collection, and think it might be up there as a fave with Essie!!

Here is a quick snap of the I Love Juicy shade I’ve just slicked on. You can even get away with just one coat if you’re in a rush. This shown was one coat plus my trusty No.7 top coat. I am never without it!

Photo on 2013-06-29 at 00.26

Snap some up asap!!! Highly recommended!!!

Night all

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.45.27

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 23.50.01

Cami cami cami cami cami chameleon

Yes, you guessed it, today I’m raving about the classic camisole. While basic, one of my fave spring pieces about at the moment has got to be the range of silk (well, silk style. On my budget they’re good old poly) camisoles that are lining the shelves of the top high street haunts.

Elegant and effortless, these hang beautifully for a chic spring/summer style, and look great paired with a crisp blazer, leather biker or cute cardy, and are great for flaunting your bronzed shoulders! Wear with tight jeans, cigarette pants, or if you’ve got pins to die for (which I sadly do not and never will), a pair of tailored shorts.

You can pick these up pretty much anywhere, including Primark if you’re on a budget! Here are some of my faves. I’ve been desperately searching for the pale blue Topshop one for ages, and managed to snap it up on Oxford Street yesterday, so I’m pretty chuffed about that.

You can get them in cropped styles, also, but I’m not going to dignify those with a mention, as those of you who read my “Slut Croppin” post will know how against them I am!!

Here we go:

L-R: Topshop £18, Topshop Boutique £48, Asos £15, Asos £25, Asos £15, Massimo Dutti £24.95

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.43.07

Ta ta for now

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.45.27


Birch Box

Sorry guys, boring title I know. I racked my brains for a catchy pun, but I don’t actually think there is one! Titling my posts are in fact one of the most fun parts, so I am feeling a little deflated, I won’t lie.

Anyway, what this blabbering is all leading up to is me declaring that I have finally subscribed to Birch Box. For those who don’t know, its a monthly delivery of beauty and skincare minis from brands like Molten Brown, O.P.I, Redken, Pure Fiji, Make Believe, and L’Occitane. Its fair to say im pretty excited for my first delivery. Its only £10 a month, packed with tips and tricks, and their monthly magazine too. If you’re salivating at the thought, click here to zoom straight to the subscription page! (Coco loves a click through)

Thats all for now, short and sweet for a change! Now back to work you lot! (I say this as it has come to my attention that many of my friends read my blog posts while procrastinating at their desks. I am more than happy to provide this service ;)!)

I’ll be doing a blog post on the contents of my Birch Box each month, so even if you don’t sign up, you can still enjoy my tips and reviews over your morning coffee!

Have a good week!

C xx


Hit the Rodial, Jack

A day late, I admit, but here is my Rodial Tan review as promised! Avid ELLE magazine readers will have all received this as a freebie this month, and if your postman is as carefree as mine, he too will have attempted to fit it through the door, realised it was stuck, jammed it in even more, before eventually surrendering and just leaving it hanging out. Thanks Mr Postman!

Anyway, after I had wrestled this month’s copy out from the jaws of my letterbox, I tore it open and went straight for the turquoise bottle of Rodial Tan. What’s this? Its CLEAR?! I squeezed a bit out and rubbed it on my hand. It has a gel like consistency and isn’t as dense and thick as moisturiser tans, so I was pretty excited to try it. I got sent the light one, which I assume was standardised, but I’d be interested to know if anyone got the dark.

Now, the tan is Brazilian, and claims to build up a healthy natural tan with once a week application. It contains pomegranate ellagic tannins, designed to improve the skin’s smoothness, while creating a sun kissed glow. The gel like formula is lightweight, and designed to reduce drying time and speed up absorption into the skin.

I slicked the gel on before bed, as always. I didn’t use a mit, as the gel didn’t really command the need for one. While claiming to be clear, it is slightly tinted brown, but this doesn’t show when applied to the skin. While my skin felt instantly smoothed, and a small amount goes a long way (which is pretty cool considering I usually need a whole handful of moisturiser tan for my giant thighs), “quick trying time”?! I think NOT! I sat on my bed with my limbs all sticky for quite some time before I gave up and got under the covers and fell asleep. The next morning I woke and ran to the mirror. Well, I was impressed. But I must confirm I was looking in an upper body mirror. My face and arms looked nicely bronzed without looking orange, and my skin felt soft and supple. Smug? Me? Only a little. UNTIL…..I caught a glimpse of my pins in the full length mirror. OH MY GOD. Streaky does not even cover it. I jumped in the shower thinking “oh its one of those tans that you have to rinse off the excess in the morning”. Er, wrong.

Now, as my face and arms turned out really well, I can’t help but think that I may have either applied too much, or been too impatient, so I am going to give it another go, but at £35.00 per bottle, I am definitely sceptical! I am however considering purchasing their range designed for the face, after how well the body one performed on the upper body and face.

I discovered Rodial also do lots of other innovative products for the skin, like tummy tuck cream for firming, glamsticks tinted lip butters, and glamtox night cream to reduce pore size and plump the skin. They’re pricey, but have great reviews.

Have a great weekend all! The forecasted rain is welcome as far as I’m concerned, since my streaky brown legs are definitely housebound for a few more days!

Coco x

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 12.25.30

Ready, Set, SALE

RIGHT, this is a speed of light post as the bulletin has just touched down in the inbox of Coco’s iPhone. Its time, THE TOPSHOP SALE has begun. Yes, thats right. So, to save you all sifting through the pages and pages or hit and miss sale items on your tiny phone screens trying not to get caught by your boss, I have chosen some of the best items for you to snap up before they’re gone!

Clockwise from top:


Floral Sun Top. Was £26 now £12

Ditsy Origami Skirt. Was £40 now £20

Blush Stick in Sneak Peak. Was £10 now £7 (as seen in Vogue)

Pink Cigarette Trousers. Was £40 now £20

Blue Frill Collar Shirt. Was £28 now £12

Embroidered Swan Shell Top. Was £32 now £15

Pleat Front Tee in Blue Lilac. Was £28 now £12

Collar Tips. Was £10 now £5

Dungarees. Was £42 now £20

Tall Colour Block Shirt. Was £34 now £15

Chemicool Tee by Tea and Cake. Was £20 now £10

Embellished Top. Was £38 now £18

Statement Necklace. Was £15 now £7.50

Cut Out Platforms. Was £55 now £40

Silk Blazer. Was £120 now £60

Tan Gladiator Platforms. Was £70 now £40

Happy shopping!


‘Top Marks’ and Spencer

Today I was walking through Marks and Spencer, and actually couldn’t believe the number of little old ladies I passed. Okay yes it is their holy grail, well, that and garden centres, but there was not a single young person about! Anyway, as I was dashing through the boot cut trousers and linen shirts (making a beeline for the food hall as always) I spotted some unusually stylish finds for such s grandma friendly haven.

I spotted these pastel ankle strap sandals at just £25.00 for from the limited collection range. How bang on are these?! I can hardly see even the most stylish of grannies prancing into book club in these, can you?!

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 09.22.02

And how about these colour block courts with Insolia, which works by shifting the weight from the ball of your foot onto your heel to enhance comfort and better body alignment. So basically, party friendly shoes! At last! Available in bluered, and black/white for just £55.00.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 09.28.10

Finally, why not splash out on a pair of these sleek Italian leather court shoes that’ll last you ages. They will set you back £129, but with Insolia, they’ll be perfect for the office and the weekend. Available in caramel or nude. They’re slightly different styles, but equally classic and staple.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 09.29.43


C xx

A Secluded Sanctuary: Limewood Hotel, New Forest

Today’s post is one I have been meaning to do for a couple of weeks now. Its a gorgeous spot in the New Forest that I just have to tell you about. While I constantly plug the bright lights and the big city of London, and am not usually a countryside, middle of nowhere type of girl (despite having grown up there), this spot is a haven for relaxation and luxury, and one of the few exceptions to my rule.

Limewood Hotel, based in Lyndhurst in Hampshire, surrounded by green forests and neighbours to a whole host of wildlife, is a Regency county manor house. On site is a luxury spa, Max’s Bar (home to the best Martini in Hampshire) and15 boutique bedrooms and 14 delectable suites, many boasting private gardens, open fires, and glamourous bathing facilities.

My recent visit was for Afternoon Tea for my 22nd birthday, and I can tell you, it was certainly better than a lot of teas you will find in London (yes, you heard it here, I badmouthed London. Don’t tell anyone!). At £23.00 per stand (which includes four finger sandwiches, two scones and four cakes), you can share one between two people, and its just the perfect amount. The scones were fresh and warm, and the cake selection was one of the best I have ever tasted. The best part has got to be between the tiny plant pot (yes, plant pot) of rich chocolate mousse, and the smooth, moist carrot cake cubes, so definitely save those ’til last! They also offer huge range of loose leaf teas to choose from (though I admit I was boring and stuck to English Breakfast), and we also sampled their lattes. As self confessed coffee addicts, we can be hard to please, but the sleek glass tumbler of rich, smoothly blended beans really did impress.


Picture: My own

The service is faultless, and I don’t think the words ‘short staffed’ and Limewood have ever been used in the same sentence. There are elegant, waistcoat wearing barmen on every corner, and a blonde haired young chap donning a tan leather greeted us at our car (which we were able to park on the lawn, might we add) and showed us through to the Hartnett and Holder Co. restaurant.

The hand lotion in the bathrooms is to die for, and you’d be missing out if you didn’t explore the grounds during your visit. Open plan and natural without being overwhelming, the grounds of the hotel boast two tree swings (oh yes!), floral trellises, quiet seating areas, patio terrace and sculptures.



Pictures: My own

I am yet to sample the Herb House Spa, which opened in late 2010, so is still brand spanking new. Amidst peaceful treatment rooms and sun beds surrounding the outdoor steaming hot bubble pool, the spa offers a Mud House, Hydropool, Caldariam, Massive Forest Sauna, and an indoor swimming pool.


Picture from: Limewood Hotel Website

For £195 per person, the retreat for two includes a choice of various massage or facial treatments, Mud House, set lunch in Raw and Cured (spa restaurant) and full use of the spa facilities all day.

This place is a real treat. Even if you’re next pay cheque is going on car repairs or rent, pop in for a coffee or a cocktail. The grounds sell themselves and you’ll get to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere before booking in your spa day or mini break 😉

Oh, and follow Limewood Hotel on Twitter @LimewoodHotel, and Instagram @limewoodhotel! (And meeee, if you want to! @Scrambled_Emma!)




Picture: My own

Im wearing: Baroque cigarette trousers, Next; nude peep toes, New Look; chiffon camisole, Primark (whoops); white blazer, Next; cube necklace, Accessorise.