Hit the Rodial, Jack

A day late, I admit, but here is my Rodial Tan review as promised! Avid ELLE magazine readers will have all received this as a freebie this month, and if your postman is as carefree as mine, he too will have attempted to fit it through the door, realised it was stuck, jammed it in even more, before eventually surrendering and just leaving it hanging out. Thanks Mr Postman!

Anyway, after I had wrestled this month’s copy out from the jaws of my letterbox, I tore it open and went straight for the turquoise bottle of Rodial Tan. What’s this? Its CLEAR?! I squeezed a bit out and rubbed it on my hand. It has a gel like consistency and isn’t as dense and thick as moisturiser tans, so I was pretty excited to try it. I got sent the light one, which I assume was standardised, but I’d be interested to know if anyone got the dark.

Now, the tan is Brazilian, and claims to build up a healthy natural tan with once a week application. It contains pomegranate ellagic tannins, designed to improve the skin’s smoothness, while creating a sun kissed glow. The gel like formula is lightweight, and designed to reduce drying time and speed up absorption into the skin.

I slicked the gel on before bed, as always. I didn’t use a mit, as the gel didn’t really command the need for one. While claiming to be clear, it is slightly tinted brown, but this doesn’t show when applied to the skin. While my skin felt instantly smoothed, and a small amount goes a long way (which is pretty cool considering I usually need a whole handful of moisturiser tan for my giant thighs), “quick trying time”?! I think NOT! I sat on my bed with my limbs all sticky for quite some time before I gave up and got under the covers and fell asleep. The next morning I woke and ran to the mirror. Well, I was impressed. But I must confirm I was looking in an upper body mirror. My face and arms looked nicely bronzed without looking orange, and my skin felt soft and supple. Smug? Me? Only a little. UNTIL…..I caught a glimpse of my pins in the full length mirror. OH MY GOD. Streaky does not even cover it. I jumped in the shower thinking “oh its one of those tans that you have to rinse off the excess in the morning”. Er, wrong.

Now, as my face and arms turned out really well, I can’t help but think that I may have either applied too much, or been too impatient, so I am going to give it another go, but at £35.00 per bottle, I am definitely sceptical! I am however considering purchasing their range designed for the face, after how well the body one performed on the upper body and face.

I discovered Rodial also do lots of other innovative products for the skin, like tummy tuck cream for firming, glamsticks tinted lip butters, and glamtox night cream to reduce pore size and plump the skin. They’re pricey, but have great reviews.

Have a great weekend all! The forecasted rain is welcome as far as I’m concerned, since my streaky brown legs are definitely housebound for a few more days!

Coco x

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 12.25.30

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