Liebster Award


This week I was tagged in the Liebster Award by the lovely Emma, who writes Beauty and the Big Smoke. Its basically a way to reach out to new bloggers like us, and find out more about them and what they love. The tag involves answering 10 questions about myself and then I need to tag another 10 bloggers with 10 brand new questions. .

The rules:
1) Try to tag/nominate bloggers that have under 200 followers
2) You must tag the blog that nominated you
3) You must let the people you tagged know so they’re able to respond

Here are the questions Emma left for me and the other 9 bloggers she tagged. Who, by the way, are these – check them out!

1) What’s your favourite restaurant?
I’m a sucker for a good steak, and have become a bit of a snob about it if I’m honest. There are some places I won’t even consider ordering it because it wont be right, and I really struggle not to complain when I order medium rare and it comes out anything between medium and charcoal. So, my favourite restaurant would have to be Gaucho. The steaks are unbelievable. I also must do a little shout out to my favourite Thai restaurant back in Bournemouth, called Tiien. Its a lovely restaurant and the food is beautifully cooked.
2) What will you be asking Santa for this Christmas?
A new coffee machine! I had the Bosch Tassimo but it started to break, so I am in desperate need of a new one! Coffee is one of my favourite things on earth!
3) Favourite city?
London! There’s no place like home, and while I really adore New York and Barcelona, if I ever moved there I would miss the British humour and way of life too much.
Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 15.56.57
4) Why did you start blogging?
I love to write. I always have. I kept journals as a child, and as I soared over my 10,000 dissertation word limit, my tutor read over it and said “you obviously have a talent for writing”. That, I think, was the point I realised I really did want to pursue it. I thought I wasn’t good enough because I hadn’t studied Journalism or English, and that nobody would take me seriously, but after a few months of blogging I realised that the online community is a really friendly place, and we all love to help each other out. The Liebster Award is a prime example of how welcoming everybody is. Even if I don’t get to write as a career, its lovely to still be able to do it as a hobby.
5) Your top 5 beauty products?
Dior Airflash Spray Foundation
Topshop tangerine Lipstick
Essie ‘Meet Me at Sunset’ Nail Polish
HD Brows Kit
Benefit Sun Beam
If I’ve got those with me, I’ll survive!

6) How do you discover other like-minded bloggers?

Through commenting and linking to other people’s blogs, really. Often I’ll click on someones comment and then someone else’s comment on their blog, and so on, and suddenly an hour has passed and I’m just perusing people’s blogs. Its essential to read other blogs before you start, too, and while you’re doing it.

7) Name a blogger that inspires you? Hers was one of the first blogs I read before I started, and I just think its amazing. She blogs because she loves beauty products, and loves telling people about her experiences with products. I’ve bought many products off the back of her reviews! She’s really genuine in her writing style, too.
Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 15.55.56
8) Top beauty or fashion tip?
If you only carry one item of makeup, make it a lipstick.
9) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
The worst paths often lead you to the best people.
10) What are you looking forward to most this week?
My friend is visiting me at the weekend and I can’t wait to see her!
Okay, so, here’s  the blogs I’ve tagged, and my questions. Leave me your link in a comment so I can see your answers!!!
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Who is your favourite designer?
3. Lipstick or eye shadow?
4. Do you have a fashion motto?
5. Describe your dream job.
6. You have £1000 to spend on one item. What would it be?
7. What item of clothing or makeup would you save from your burning house?
8. Do you have a fashion inspiration or style icon?
9. Describe your favourite cocktail bar.
10. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Can’t wait to hear your answers!
Coco xx

AWOL again, back again!

Hello there!!!! No, I haven’t evaporated! I’m still very much here. And ‘here’ is now a different ‘here’ to before. Yep, that’s right. I have returned to the best city in the world, our very own London. And yes, in case you’re wondering, London really is my favourite city in the world. While my love affair with New York and Barcelona lives on, I really just love British culture, and you just don’t get that anywhere else!

So yeah, I’m back in London. I’ve been lucky enough to land a lovely flat with my favourite housemate of all time (we lived together during first and second year of uni, and vowed we would one day be cohabs again!). Both of us are truly amazed we actually did it. Among our busy schedules, my timeline being all off due to doing a four year uni course, Sian being a year ahead of me in academic years anyway, AND the wild goose chase that is London flat hunting, we’re still reeling at the fact we actually live together again! Our pad has just the right amount of cosy-ness, but still loads of cool and modern features, so I’m super happy with it. Its a tiny bit of a trudge to the tube station, but on the bright side, my legs could benefit from some extra toning, and there is a bus that goes right by the flat, for those lazy (or rainy) days. I’m really struggling to fault anything about it, as you might be able to tell!

Anyway, I’ve had blog post ideas coming out of my ears over the past week, as I continue my ongoing battle with my Three mobile internet dongle, which somehow gave me full signal in the depths of the New Forest when I was at home, yet here I am in the busiest city in the UK, and nada! No, niente, nish. So that’s my excuse for not posting anything! I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m back on track, because unfortunately we still haven’t got our WiFi sorted, but it should be coming this week! I’m currently nabbing the connectivity in a local coffee shop – which, by the way, is amazing. Its a cute little coffee-shop-come-vintage-store, with kitsch furniture, and you’re surrounded by loads of little vintage bits that are all for sale. Just sitting here is sparking ideas for a new blog post all about it!

So, here’s the beginning of what you’ve missed! A couple of OOTDs and some new beauty bits I’m giving a go!


I’ve been fascinated by this new phenomena of skin perfecting potions, particularly the new Lancome Dream Tone, but despite its promising reviews, the price is just too steep a risk for me unfortunately. So, I’ve opted for the L’Oreal range. There is a day cream, eye cream, serum, and a BB cream, and this ‘instant blemish blur‘ cream, which I’m going to try. It was £8 something in Boots in some sort of promotion. I think it usually retails around £12.99, but it feels really nice on the back of my hand, so I think it would make a good even out base for makeup.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 11.49.34

I’ve also recently finished my Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, and was on the look out for a change. Not in any part because Chanel was anything short of divine, I just like to try new ones out, and fancied something new. I had seen the Dior Airflash Spray Foundation advertised as “new”, but I knew this was a classic brand relaunch, because I know for a fact it has definitely been released before! None the less, I was desperate to test its ‘air brushed skin’ claims, so dashed out and snapped that up for £33. I got shade 201 Linen, after being torn between the 200 and 201. The 200 seemed to have a slight pinky undertone, while the 201 was more yellow, which seemed to suit my skin slightly better. Full review to follow! Spoiler alert – ITS AMAZING!


This MILAN perfume from NEXT was only £8 and it smells absolutely gorgeous! Its an eau de parfum as well, so you get the intensity and staying power that you lose out on with an eau de toilette, which a lot of high street fragrances are (like the Zara one I mentioned here). Its really fresh and feminine. There are others in the range, that all smell lovely as well. Definitely one for the handbag! £8 for 50ml, £12 for 100ml!


These mint green Vans were a leaving gift from my wifey…which no, I’m not too ashamed to admit brought a tear to my eye! They were a limited edition colour that I had wanted for a while, but each store apparently only had one pair of each size, and she managed to track them down for me! I’m going to replace the laces to white, but I’m loving them with skinny jeans and a baggy tee for a relaxed style. AND they’re super comfy!

OOTDs Galore

Our new flat has a gigantic wall to ceiling mirror – AMAZING FOR OOTDs! One of these day’s I’ll learn to work self timer on my phone and not have to do the awkward selfie shots, but for now, I don’t care! It may subject me to extensive ridicule among my friends, and I’ve even been branded “selfie queen”, mainly attributed to my year long moan about people who do them! But, I admit it! I hold my Dido style white flag up in surrender, and I have jumped right on the bandwagon. Though I maintain that its okay for blogging purposes. Its when people are just attention seeking on Facebook that its a pain! At least this what I will tell myself!

Anyway, here we go: OOTD #1



Being in London makes me want to make much more of an effort with my outfit choices. You can really turn a corner without seeing some chick you’re ridiculously jealous of, and the time I have on my hands while job hunting is certainly well spent exploring my wardrobe! Also, having moved 3 times in the space of 6 weeks has allowed me to familiarise myself with the depths of my wardrobe that don’t often get seen, so I feel like I’ve got loads of new outfits made up of forgotten treasures!

Here I’m wearing:

Chinos, £10, Zara (Sale, sold out)

I got the chinos in stone and green, the latter being an impulse purchase because they were such a bargain, but I tried them on with this outfit and actually think they’re pretty cool!

Brogues, £165, Russell and Bromley (Discontinued. Style Name: Campus)

Belt, £2, Primark

Camisole, £18, Topshop

Blazer, £32 Next

I really love this jacket from Next because it has a really structured, tailored look, but its really soft feel and comfortable. A real bargain, and it comes in other prints!



Here we have a similar outfit (making use of the chinos before winter fully sets in!)

Blouse, £8, Primark

Chinos, £10, Zara (Sale, Sold Out)

Loafers, £28, River Island

These loafers come in amazing colours as well, so I’ll definitely be investing in another pair!

Belt, £2, Primark

Watch, £28, Next

(Online it says £45, but I definitely paid £28 in store!)



Dress, £13, Primark (Selling out fast, hurry!)

Necklace, £4.99, H&M

Coat, £98, Helene Berman at Asos

Shoe Boots, £45, Asos (discontinued years ago!)

Watch, as above

I snapped up this dress after seeing it on another blog. I had to make a mad dash to Primark as I knew it would be a fast seller. I went straight to the big store on Oxford Street (which I try to avoid as its just one massive free-for-all most of the time) and it sure as hell was yesterday) But I got it didn’t I! I will tell you now though, there was only 3 left in the deep red colour. It comes in teal as well though, so now I’ve tried on the shape and size, I’ll definitely be buying both! This Helene Berman coat is a style I’ve been looking for for a while, and I love the mid thigh length of it. So many I have tried on are either too short (as I’m 5″8 which is apparently tall these days), or too long and come down to the knee, which just doesn’t suit me. Its a lovely tweedy style with green panelling at the bottom, and bright orange piping for a colour pop. Overall, very happy! It was a slight splurge, but worth it.

And finally…THE FLAT!

As I’ve mentioned, we’re in a new gaff, and I absolutely love it. I won’t upload loads of pics as I don’t want to plaster my home all over the internet! But one quick snap to mark the occasion can’t hurt! And the winner is….THE KITCHEN! The hub of all gossiping while cooking, morning coffee at the breakfast bar, and of course, chilling the vino!


Anyway, I think that’s you all caught up!

More posts to follow! And tonight is #theSOproject night, so stay tuned!!! Its blusher week!


Coco x

September Glossy Box

Its that time of the month again. The time that brings Glossybox to my door, full of beauty goodies for me to try! This month’s box has by far been my absolute favourite…I can just tell I’m going to love all the products. Usually I wait until I’ve tried them to blog about them, but I have just this moment torn it open and I can’t wait any longer to share it with you!

This month was the British themed box, and lord knows I love anything and everything British. Red white and blue plastered smothered all over the box exuding patriotism as it engulfed the beauty goodies inside. Here’s a little peek…



Clockwise from bottom:

Be a Bombshell Eyeliner Pen

Eyelure Preglued Lashes

Rimmel Blush Liquid Cheek Tint in 004 Sunkissed Cherry

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau de Parfum 5ml

Tony and Guy Shine Gloss Serum


IMG_4792 IMG_4794 IMG_4795 IMG_4793 IMG_4796


Reviews to follow as and when I’ve tried them all!

Have a fab weekend xx

The coolest thing I’ve seen in ages…One Fine Stay: The Unhotel

Today, I came across one of the coolest things I have ever seen in all my years as a hotel obsessive – One Fine Stay. Basically, in a nut shell, it is the real life, living embodiment of the Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet house-swap-come-romantic-comedy that captured our hearts in the film, The Holiday, in 2006. Okay, so it was kiiiind of Jude Law that stole our hearts, but the scene that brought us Kate Winslet’s oh so British arrival in the LA mansion was complete gold.

So, as I was saying. People let out their homes and you can book to stay in them for a few days, just as you would a hotel. You can even book online, just as you would do for a hotel. Its super easy! The best part is, as if you weren’t sold already, is you even get the hotel treatment, even though you’re staying in someone’s home. The guys at One Fine Stay are on hand for anything you need 24/7. They’ll either sort it for you over the phone, or pop on over like a handy, constant beck and call, neighbour! You also don’t have to sacrifice your haul of mini toiletries! They even sort all of this for you too, and there’s optional maid service, so you still don’t have to make your bed! It really is a home away from home, with a sprinkling of the glitter and glamour that you get with a hotel stay. Basically, you get total control of the sundae (your holiday), and One Fine Stay are the cherry on top! They even have a ‘home truths’ section on each property, giving you the black and white downsides or limitations, i.e. lack of TV.

Obviously, the downside would be that you do have to be super duper careful. No crazy parties and a smashing spree of the mantlepiece’s resident ornaments! These properties are owned by the world’s elite. Treat their home as if it were yours.

So, having been completely stunned and elated by the entire idea, I gave the website a good old scour, and picked out some of my favourite properties, to show you what sort of thing is available! These beauties will certainly make you reconsider your next visit to Late Rooms 😉


One Fine Stay have branded this property the bricks and mortar embodiment of George Clooney or Marilyn Monroe, and take a peep inside and you’ll see exactly why. Boasting two original fireplaces, an all round opulent feel, and artistic furnishings, this two bed two bath 17th century property is the ideal spot for a luxury stay in the British capital. Nightly rates around £400.

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.22.41 Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.23.00


If, like me, you’ve been embarrassingly transfixed by the likes of Marc Francis, Spencer Matthews and Millie Macintosh on Made in Chelsea, then a couple of nights pretending you’re part of the glittering wonderland that is Chelsea life, would be an absolute dream.  With One Fine Stay, you most certainly can. This property on Cheyne Walk comes complete with amazing views from the chic balcony overlooking the harbour, vintage style interiors and an all over air of purity, evident from the abundance of white hues. Also with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, you and three friends can make like the MIC cast from £280 per night. All of the upper class amenities of the Royal Borough are all close by too.

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.31.56 Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.32.03


This New York Soho loft looks like the set of so many American sitcoms, namely New Girl. The exposed brick and high ceilings just exude the coolness of your average New Yorker, and you can get a slice of the action from $299 per night. The owner is an architecture and design connoisseur, with a love of photography and contemporary art, which is evident across the decor of the open plan living room of the apartment. The stylish bed (photographed) is a unique touch to the classic white themed bedroom, with a door-less three step decent to the artistic bathroom. Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.45.10 Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.45.20 Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.45.39


This Parisian apartment is owned by the coolest Grandmother I’ve ever heard of. The site states that when she’s not sipping on a café crème, she’s chatting on Instagram and Facebook. Now she sounds like my kind of temporary landlady to me! Her hip-ness is reflected in her elegant, classic styled apartment, featuring original parquet floors. Vintage, antique furniture graces the living space, while a contrastingly modern kitchen depicts the fun and wild character of its owner. Located on the Rue Raynouard, this apartment is nestled in a quiet and secluded spot, close to the River Seine.

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.56.00 Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 15.56.13

I really could blog all day about these properties, but I’ll let you explore the rest for yourselves. Its giving me inspiration for my next birthday, actually. I’ll be 23 next June (scary!), and perhaps whisking myself and my closest girls off somewhere to pretend we’re rich and famous for a few nights would be so much fun. Pamper nights on the leather corner sofa, living it up like locals on the streets of some of the best cities in the world, and dinner parties on the glass dining tables?! Perfection!

Have a good week, all! Only two days til Friday!

All my love

Coco xx

All photographs remain owned by One Fine Stay.

#theSOproject week 3 – FOUNDATION

define: Foundation (n). The basis or groundwork of anything.

There we have it. Foundation acts as the base of every other step of your beauty regime. Without a good foundation, the rest of the structure (your makeup!) cannot be held, and this is why its so important to find the right foundation for you. I think a lot of us make the mistake of finding a foundation we like and sticking to it. Now, while this consistency can be brilliant, don’t be afraid to try new ones. Our skin changes and matures, and new products are brought out which might be even more suited to us than the ones we’re using, so #theSOproject posts will be a great chance for everyone to hear about products they haven’t heard of before, or hear reviews about ones they have been wanting to try. It’s also brilliant for younger readers who are starting to use new types of makeup.

So, what do you want from your foundation?

This is what you need to ask yourself. Do you need strong coverage of blemishes? Do you need colour correction? For me its most certainly colour correction. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and dash out without any makeup on, and by lunchtime I look all red and uneven, so for me I need something light but strong.

What colour should you choose?

Probably the most important question when finding a foundation. We all test foundations on our hand and often this results in us buying the wrong one. The best thing do to is go to a premium makeup counter in your local department store, and have them match you. They can try different things on you until you find one you like. I also tend to change my foundation in the summer, as my face tans a little, and my winter foundation can become too light. If you do find this happens, but don’t want to buy a slightly darker one, you can always warm it up with a good bronzer, but make sure you never get a foundation that’s too dark! The orangey smudge on your jaw line isn’t a good look, but I guess that goes without saying, really!

How should you apply your foundation?

The old saying, “A bad workman blames his tools” is definitely not applicable here. You wouldn’t dine at the Ritz using a plastic knife and fork from Burger King, so don’t apply your foundation with bad brushes.

Brushes Tried and Tested

Real Techniques Stippling Brush – I heard about this brush from watching make up tutorials so dashed out and bought it straight away. You use it to apply liquid foundation in small circular motions, and its really great for getting good coverage, as well as a dewey finish to your look.

Clinique Foundation BrushThis is the standard flat type of foundation brush. Its great for getting good coverage, and for even application around the nose and eyes. For me, these brushes tend to apply a little too thick for how I like my foundation to be, but for a stronger base they are brilliant. I often just use brushes like this for a night out, rather than day to day. I have a few freckles around my nose and I like to keep them visible, rather than covering them up completely.

Real Techniques Flawless Face BrushThis one has extra firm bristles and is brilliant for blending in foundations. I use it to blend in a bit of my Smashbox illuminator for a highlighted foundation base.

Real Techniques Flawless Powder BrushI use this brush for if I’m using a powder mineral makeup, like Bare Minerals or Bourjois Une. Its great for daytime.


Foundations Tried and Tested

I am currently in the process of moving house, so I am living out of a suitcase, which unfortunately means this week I can’t try my foundations on my skin and take real life photos for you I’m afraid, but hopefully by the later weeks of #theSOproject I will be able to show you better demos!

I can however tell you about ones I love and hate, and what they do.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Liquid FoundationI found this one through a sample in ELLE magazine, and by the sounds of it I wasn’t the only one, as when I went to buy it in the exact shade I had sampled, it had sold out! Luckily I got it ordered in, and I really love it. It feels so soft on your skin when you apply it, which I really love in a foundation. It gives you a matte effect, which I either finish with bronzer or dab on some Benefit Sun Beam on my cheekbones for a highlighted effect. My only criticism would be that towards the end of the bottle, the colour got a little darker and didnt’ feel as good on my skin, so I had to mix it with a little moisturiser to get it right.

Clinque Superbalanced MakeupThis liquid foundation from Clinique was great for me as its good at colour correction and provides moderate coverage. I really love Clinique as a brand, because their focus is so strongly on skin care, I really feel like their makeup products are good for my skin too. I don’t use them anymore as I have taken a break after a discussion with my beautician that I felt I wasn’t getting the benefit I was before, and she explained that our skin can get, almost bored, with a certain type of skin care regime and the benefits can wear off, so I moved over to Elemis skin care and the Chanel foundation. I have seen that Clinique have massively expanded their range recently though, so I’m going to give it a try again. Their Even Better foundations and Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser are on my wish list. The Moisture Surge range is absolutely amazing. I used to use the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel, and its brilliant. You can literally feel your skin hydrating! The Superbalanced ones are only £20 now, which is such a bargain for premium brand foundation. You can pay up to about £12 for some high street ones now!

Nip and Fab CC CreamI got straight on the CC cream hype when it came out earlier this year, as Complexion Corrector seemed pretty much exactly what I needed. This is the only one I have tried, though, and I do quite like it. If I’m honest, its great to throw on when you’re not going to put any other makeup on – just perhaps a sweep of bronzer – but I found it doesn’t interact well with other makeup items. The CC cream + primer debacle of April wasn’t one of my finest moments, and putting powder on top to seal it didn’t work brilliantly either. It does do exactly what it says on the tin – it corrects uneven complexion. But for a more polished, finished look, stick with foundation. CCs are great for on holiday, or popping out almost barefaced, though.


I hope you have enjoyed my first post as part of #theSOproject. I’ll be reading as many others as I can, so please share your thoughts on mine, too!

Lots of love

C xx

VINYLUX – saving the world one nail polish at a time

Okay, so, this is my second attempt at reviewing VINYLUX for you all. I wrote out a beaaaaautiful post yesterday, pictures sorted, links sorted, THE LOT. And what happens?! OH YEAH, wordpress deleted the whole thing. Cheers then! This is the thing with all this fancy technology. Its fabulous when its working, but the second it doesn’t – yes, I admit it – I throw my toys out the metaphorical pram and have a good old paddy. Hence why its taken my 24 hours to flush away the frustration and actually type the whole thing again.

So…here we go!

Last Thursday I purchased VINYLUX nail polish. For those who haven’t heard about it yet, its basically like Shellac, but without the lamp, as it hardens itself when exposed to natural daylight. You can also remove it with normal nail polish remover, without having to take a tedious trip back to the salon to have your nail beds hacked at with various scraping tools.

You buy the top coat, and then you can use that with any of the colours. Each bottle is priced at around £10, generally, and they’re all 15ml. I picked up a pinky colour called Gotcha #116, and I found it really lovely.


You apply two coats of the colour (no base coat required), and then one coat of the top coat, and leave to dry. I found it dried pretty quickly, and didn’t smudge or gloop about at all.


I have taken a picture of my nails on each day after I applied the polish, so you can see how well it held up under pressure. It endured a drive to London and back (95 miles from the South Coast), two pretty hard nights out (and the accompanying ‘getting ready’ process), countless tube and bus rides, a trek around Westfield, and the packing and unpacking of my suitcase. So, all in all, a pretty busy few days for a home mani to endure.

I was dubious about the product as I was wondering whether it was too good to be true, but I have to say I actually couldn’t be more impressed. Despite claiming to last 7 days, I only wore it for four, because my job doesn’t allow me to wear nail colour, so it had to come off, but it was still in such good shape by the end of day four I have no doubt that it would live up to its 7 day claim. If not more!

You will see a little chipping on my right index finger by day 3, but to be honest, my nail had broken a bit itself, so I’m giving the polish the benefit of the doubt.

day one

dayt wo

day three

day three chip

day four


I was a bit worried because I had to remove the polish 10 minutes before my shift started, and I realized I hadn’t actually checked that normal remover would take it off! My beautician had told me it did, but the leaflet that came with it said it is best removed with CND’s own remover, so I started to panic! Luckily, my trusty beautician, Becky, was absolutely right. It came off really easily and didn’t stain my nails (even though no base coat is used!).

Overall, I was really really happy with this product. I would definitely recommend it to all fellow nail addicts (Emily, if you’re reading…I mean you!). It has revolutionized nail painting for me! If I was made of money I would replace all my colours I have already with VINYLUX ones, but sadly, with a collection of 100+ bottles, I can’t do that!

Check out all the colours available here. My next purchases, I think, will be Tropix and Azure Wish.

If you have any thoughts on VINYLUX, let me know about it!

I hope everyone made it through Monday!

All my love

Coco xxx


I am super duper excited to be joining #theSOproject this week. For those who haven’t heard about it, its a blogger series set up by Steph’s Inside Voice, which showcases beauty bloggers’ tips and tricks on various items of make up, and reviews of their favourites. Each week, on Tuesdays at 6pm the posts will go live with the hashtag #theSOproject, so keep your eyes peeled!

The schedule is below – we’re now in week three, so its foundation week! Stuck for a new one to try? Check out everyones’ posts for some inspiration! 


Smellin’ Swell

Recently I have reignited my love of perfumes. There is nothing better than getting up in the morning ready for the day, and choosing from a lineup of gorgeous bottles for a scent that matches your mood, your look, or where you’re going. I always like to have more than one perfume on my shelf, but my signature scent is Calvin Klein Euphoria. I’ve worn it for about three years, and people who know me just, well, know, that that’s my perfume! Its great to find one that suits you, for every day wear, and then have some secondary bottles for special occasions. My secondaries are Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Marc Jacobs Daisy at the moment, but recently some more have caught my eye, and I thought I’d share them with you. 


This is the new one from my main man CK, and I absolutely love it! Its really deep and intense, with base notes of cedar and velvety musk and with a citrus top note, making it slightly sweeter than some other CK fragrances. I like!



Sadly I can’t link to these because they’re not available to buy online, but please do check out the ZARA perfumes next time you’re in there. They’re only £12.99, and they actually smell really pretty. They’re sweet, feminine and flirty, and great secondaries to have on your shelf, or to carry around with you for a daytime spritz! The pink one is great!


Another new one, this is the latest from Marc. The bottle is in the standard ‘cute as a button’ MJ style, and the scent has notes of honeysuckle, peach, apricot and vanilla. Its a gorgeous girly fragrance, and very summery – its a shame it came out so late! It’s definitely a contender to challenge its predecessor, DOT, as the MJ fave. Its only available in 50ml and 100ml at the moment though, but maybe hold out for Christmas and snap up the gift set!

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 23.08.46



This aptly named flirty and romantic fragrance has a sophisticated floral tone with a deep, sensual musk. Its a lot sweeter than some other Ralph fragrances so I was pleasantly surprised.

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 23.13.57


Got something to say about these or other perfumes? Let me know!

Have a fab week all 

Coco xx

Reviewed: Nivea Express Hydration Primer

I’ve tried a few primers since the phenomenon broke out, and haven’t yet settled on one that I like. Some I have found look great under makeup and have great staying power, but really don’t feel good on my skin and just make me feel like i’m clogging it up (yes you GOSH primer), so when I saw that Nivea had brought one out, I thought why not give it a go. Now, I’m not usually one for high street skin care, but I do find that Nivea are quite plain and simple with their products, and they do do exactly what it says on the tin. (FYI, the new in shower body moisturiser is fabulous – a real time saver!) I picked up the primer for £3.30 in Tesco (its usually £4.00, but there was some sort of discount). I have used it twice and am so far impressed. It feels really refreshing when applied to cleansed skin, and makes a nice base to apply makeup. Two people said my skin was looking really healthy while I was wearing it too, which is a bonus!

I do think, also, that people sometimes expect primers to work miracles. You can’t simply apply a primer and then expect your £5 foundation to stay on all day and night. You do need to keep up the good work and treat your skin to a decent foundation. I applied the primer, followed by Chanel Perfection Lumiere liquid foundation, and dusted NARS bronzer in Irrisestiblement across my cheek bones with my Real Techniques brush. Working as a waitress I really do put my products to the test, particularly with regards to staying power, and the primer held my makeup on really well all day and evening, so I am really impressed. It felt lightweight and I didn’t feel like I was degreasing my oven when I cleansed before bed. I wouldn’t say its the absolute best on the market, but for £4, its a great little pot to have on hand.

Have you tried it? What did you think? Let me know!

Coco xx

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