December Wish List

Its Monday again! But, in my crazy life as a waitress at the moment, Monday is the best day of the week, as its more often than not, my day off. It means I get to look on and laugh on a Sunday evening as the weekly dread fills everyone’s heads, and the harsh reality that Monday has rolled around again hits home. Its basically payback for the smug faces of everyone on a Friday afternoon as I trudge into work and they skip out, bound for a weekend of drinking and socialising – the activities for which I am the mandatory server!

Anyway, my plan for today was take advantage of the shift work life and do some Christmas shopping on Oxford Street when it isn’t completely cattle-market-shoulder-to-shoulder-get-out-of-my-face-rammed. But sadly, after a 48 hour week on my feet dashing between tables balancing countless glasses of Shiraz and endless pizzas on my arms, I slept until 1pm. Yep. 1pm. That’s over half of the daylight hours gone! Which sent my plan for the day slightly ary, meaning I have no new purchases to blog about! But instead, I have created a little wishlist of bits and pieces i’m lusting after at the moment!

1. Lace Scallop Dress, £49.99 Chi Chi Clothing

2. Havaianas Wellies, £50, Havaianas

3. Topshop Duck Egg Blue Jumper, £40, Topshop

4. Hat, £44.99, Massimo Dutti

5. Dress, £100, Bitching and Junkfood at Urban Outfitters

6. Budweiser Tshirt, £32, Urban Outfitters

7. Shoes, £79.95, Massimo Dutti

8. Fluffy Embellished Jumper, £35, Dorothy Perkins

9. Aztec Dress, £19.99, Pretty Little Thing

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 15.45.32

All my love


A New Beginning

Oh. My. Lord.

Yes. I’m back. I cannot believe its been over two months since I last posted!!!! How awful is that! I know, I know, I’m a terrible human being. But here I am, back, and ready to blog my way through the festive season!

Okay, so basically I’ve been M.I.A since October 2nd because I have been taking a bit of time to figure some things out in my mind. I’ve been living back in London for 11 weeks now (wow time has flown), and its been a bit of a roller coaster getting to here, and I think thats why I needed a little time away from the blogosphere to get my head straight. Now those of you who know me personally are probably thinking “What the hell is she on about? All she’s been doing is drinking and partying and flitting around London living the champagne lifestyle on lemonade wages.” Well, you’re not wrong. But i’ve also been hopping from job to job, interview to interview, change of heart to change of heart, and dead end to dead end.

I moved here thinking I had it all planned out, career wise, finances, life plan, you know, all that stuff. Now, I won’t go into detail, as I don’t often blog about myself personally, and as you know by my ever inconspicuous (not so much) alias, I like to maintain a certain degree of privacy. I have also witnessed blogs causing more hassle than they’re worth if they happen to fall in front of the wrong eye, so like I said, not going into detail 😉

But yes. The main point of this New Beginnings post, is basically me returning to the blogging world on a new slate. Its been a busy but exciting couple of months, and I think its made a lot of things a lot clearer to me, so here I am. The new and improved Coco. I’ve got blog post ideas bursting out of my brain, catching up on the lost 8 weeks that have just run away with me, and I can’t wait to get started again.

I’m catching up on everyone’s blogs again just now, and I can’t wait to fill myself in on everything!

Here’s to change!