Mission Accomplished: Searching the world for Nike Roshe Runs…LITERALLY

Now, in life we tend to exaggerate, particularly with the word literally. I actually saw a great TV ad the other day, referring to when we say “I could literally eat a horse”. Now, obviously, we mean figuratively. You wouldn’t really eat a horse (hold the jokes  in reference to the horse meat scandal, would you), but we are exaggerating with the word literally, which might lead some of you to think I exaggerated with the title of this post, claiming I literally searched the world for Nike Roshe Runs. Well, you are mistaken. I LITERALLY did.

To be completely fair, I will accept that I was beyond fashionably late to the party when it comes to the Nike craze. Late as in, the party started last year, and I’m that latecomer that nobody even remembers was there because said party was so out of control by the point I even metaphorically rocked up. But anyway, late or otherwise, I set my heart on the black Roshe Run trainers. I recently bought a pair of pink Free Run 5.0, which I adore, and are great for running or just day to day wear, but my addiction was brewing, and I needed a fix. I concluded the next pair I bought would be less “loud” than the pink pair, so that they would go with more of my outfits without looking too much. How hard can it be to find black Roshe Runs I thought? Well well well. Thus began the longest and widest hunt of my life for fashion.

I am one of those people who, once I set my heart on something, I’m a ticking time bomb until I purchase it. Not even in a good way. I wish I could transfer such determination to career goals or life progression, but sadly I’m referring to basically fashion and fashion only *sigh*. I’ve lost count of how many late night Westfield runs I’ve done when I just can’t settle until I’ve snapped up “that top” I saw “that chick in Clapham” wearing, and I’m usually a pro at getting my paws on items that have sold out, or even sniffing out the best sellers early, so I don’t have to fight to the deaths. However, this was not one of those times.

I searched London high and low, to no avail, broadened my searches to the most of South West, and every online retailer and eBay seller I could find, but still nothing. I concluded the only way was to have them specially made by Nike, which costs a stressful £120 and takes four weeks to make, but I had almost concluded it was my only option. I had my boyfriend in Australia search the web for anything in stock too, but nothing was working. After a few internet searches I concluded they had sold out there too, and that there was just a world shortage. Until the time came for my second Australian adventure, and this time I was flying via Dubai. Another airport to scour, I thought, just in case their mall had anything. Nope. No luck. Once I reached the other side of the world, my search recommenced, after a tip off that the shoes had been spotted at Chadstone Shopping Centre, which by the way is larger than I care to attempt to describe without the use of expletives. Largest in the Southern Hemisphere they say. Try larger THAN the Southern Hemisphere. Talk about aching legs and severe disorientation. I’ve been there a few times on my own while boyfriend is working or studying, and every time I get more and more confused and end up circling the same area for ages, and I am certain I haven’t even covered the whole centre yet. Oh but don’t worry, they’re extending it, just in case my poor legs needed an extra marathon walk.

Anyway, Chadstone rant over. I FOUND THE SHOES. They were in the window of the first shoe store we looked in, so I bounded towards the sales assistant like an Andrex puppy to toilet paper, and asked for my size. Too good to be true I thought. Damn right it was. Apparently they only come in big mens sizes, but I was shown a very similar pair with a slightly fluorescent pink lining.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 15.16.32

Not good enough, I thought. I declined them and decided to carry on searching. I had hope back! Well, this was soon quashed as every single store I went to told me the same story, though I was sure something was up, as all the shop assistants had trouble converting my size to Australian sizes, so I was still determined. I even had a stand off with a worker at Platypus in Westfield Sydney, who told me I had to get the pink ones as I would never find the black and white in girl sizes. Pah. In the words of Barney Stinson, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I thought. I stomped to the next store, and THERE THEY WERE. Oh the elation, which, I won’t lie was slightly heightened by the fact I had proved the hence dude in the other store wrong. I started to wonder if I even wanted the shoes anymore, or whether I was just proving a point to myself! But no, jokes aside, I did, and they were $100, so definitely a saving on the UK price.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 15.16.48 Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 15.17.07

We planned to take a cruise by the other store and show the other guy that I had found them, but when we saw him surrounded by three other, somewhat alternative, store assistants, we opted out, as his tattoo sleeve and mesh attire didn’t scream “I enjoy sarcastic humour from obnoxious British tourists”.

Anyway, I’ve just realised I’ve babbled on all this time basically explaining how I found a pair of shoes after searching an 11000 mile radius. Sorry about that. But I just had to tell the world. Woohoo. If I were deep and meaningful, I would put this down to never giving up, and that what you want isn’t always where you think it is, and develop some standardised metaphor about love or something. But nah, its just basically a girl who found some shoes. Sorry folks. Take from this what you will 😉

For most of you reading this, I expect you’re in the UK, so it’ll be morning time, so have a great day! I’m off to roam around Melbourne, doing what I do best…ordering coffees and moaning about how small they are here. New post coming soon all about my Melbourne adventures!

Ciao xxxxxx

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