29 Things Nobody Told You About Australia

1. The spiders aren’t literally waiting for you at the airport. Nor are they everywhere you look.

2. They don’t have a coin smaller than 5 cents, even though things are still strategically priced at $1.99. If you paid with a $2 coin, don’t wait for change. You will be disappointed. On the plus side, their notes won’t rip, even if they do look like Monopoly money.

3. Not everywhere is hot. They even wear COATS.

4. A 24 hour flight isn’t as bad as it sounds. Honestly. It may fill you with fear and dread, but really, a couple of movies, a few cat naps, flick through a book or magazine, some new music on your iPhone, and its over in a flash.


5. The jet lag, on the other hand, is as bad as you think. Actually, its probably worse. 5am will become a familiar time of day.

6. The legal requirement for all establishments serving food and drink to have a public bathroom doesn’t apply here. After skulling a large Coke at McDonalds, I learned the hard way.

7. They have an absolutely MASSIVE range of chocolate that you’ll never have seen in the UK. And they have freddos in every flavour possible.

8. The aforementioned chocolate, is however, extremely expensive. $3.30 for a KitKat Chunky. Thats about £2!

9. They refer to themselves as “Australians” more than you would believe. Particularly in TV ads. They never just say “people”.

10. No houses have an upstairs. Ever.

11. Having a pool at home is as standard as having a bin.


12. You genuinely can’t cross the street unless there’s an official crossing. J walking is an actual offence!

13. They say the word “maroon” as “marone”. And they do it on purpose. Seriously.

14. Everyone eats Vegemite and watches Seinfeld. Everyone.

15. Student concession cards and drivers licences from one state aren’t valid in another.

16. You’ll never be asked how you’re “doing”. You’ll hear a lot of “how you going?”

17. The AFL Grand Final is a bigger deal than Christmas, New Year and anybody’s birthday….combined.


18. Everything closes early. Yet things are open on Easter Sunday.

19. They get a day off for the Queen’s birthday. Yep, our Queen.

20. In Sydney, not only are the trains double decker, the seats are reversible, so you never have to travel backwards. I won’t lie, this was the best discovery of my entire trip…and we caught it on video here.

21. They claim Italian Chicken Parmigiana as “Australian cuisine”… ever thought the Italians might have something to say about this? They also manage to breed chickens with massive baps, to produce these bad boys.


22. All lattes are about the size of a vodka shot. Everywhere.


23. That said, the coffee is exquisite.

24. They can’t pronounce the letter L. Here’s a translator:

“Straya” = Australia

“Miyyion” = Million

You get the idea

25. They call peppers “capsicums”

26. You can’t get sweet popcorn at the cinema

27. Sadly, nobody really says “rippaaaaa” and “gday”

28. They don’t drink Fosters either. Or say “good call” in an overly Aussie accent. *cry*

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 21.44.15

29. These hilarities aside, men aren’t all blonde douchebag surfers with long hair and board shorts, and the people are more friendly than you’ll ever encounter in London. And I don’t know whether its one of the things people never told you, or whether people did tell you, but there’s no doubt its one of the coolest places on earth.

So there you go 😉


(They don’t say that either)

One thought on “29 Things Nobody Told You About Australia

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