Digital Detoxing | Wellness Loading by Andi Lew | How to Do a Digital Detox

Ah, detoxing. Juices, teas, cleanses… everywhere we look there’s an opportunity to reverse all the bad, undo your mistakes and ‘detox’ the crap out of your body. Problem is, all we seem to do right after a detox, is retox. No, you can’t undo years of bad eating with a 3 day juice cleanse. Shock. The key is repetition, and learning from your mistakes, and making new, better habits each time.

Last week I attended Andi Lew‘s Wellness Loading book launch with the lovely Zee from Insincerely Her.

Let’s take a quick moment to appreciate those times when you meet someone for the first time and you just click instantly. You might be completely different people, with different types of jobs and at different stages in your life, but somehow, something clicks. The conversation doesn’t feel totally forced, and you’re actually interested in what the other person has to say. Despite us being at a PR launch for a book advocating a digital detox, I’m grateful for the internet for bringing me together with people like Zee. 

Anyway, we slurped some vegan, sugar free ice cream (which was surprisingly good), mingled and heard a motivating and refreshing chat from Andi, about how stepping outside of our comfort zone, cutting off from the digital world and appreciating the world around us can be a total mind cleanse.

I’ve often wondered about giving up Facebook or my smartphone, for a period of time or even forever, but the nature of my work does command me to keep up with digital. I can’t manage brand’s social channels without an account myself, nor would I want to profess to be a social media guru if I was shunning it behind closed doors. But that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from a digital detox.

Wellness Loading takes you through the benefits of a digital detox, and how to do one. Even if it’s no phones on date nights, or at the table, or after 8pm, or even turning off your 4G so your iPhone is just a normal telephone for a few hours. Cut yourself off. You’ll soon realise how accidentally addicted we’ve become. *sings accidentally in love from Shrek*.

I’m now trying to put my phone in another room overnight. That way, if I can’t sleep I won’t be tempted to check out snapchat, and I won’t waste hours before falling asleep on Instagram and Pinterest. Anything that needs to be done can be done by 10pm. I’ve recently got a sleep spray for my pillow with lavender in. I think it’s helping me sleep deeper and wake less during the night, and I notice an even better change when I cut off from my iPhone earlier the evening.

Sure, I’d love to say phones away as soon as I get in from work, particularly in my field, but without wanting to sound like I’m making excuse after excuse, my friends and family in the UK are all waking up around 6 or 7pm Australian time, so I do like to be on hand then to keep in contact. But, once that’s done, it’s night night phone. I’m finding it really refreshing, and hey, if nothing else, it makes Instagram a hell of a lot more exciting when you’ve not been refreshing it every few hours!











Image via APL Photography.

Have you tried a digital detox?

Coco xx


Coffee Skincare | botanicES Caffeine Skincare Review

I love coffee. I love the taste of it, I love a caffeine buzz, I love the smell – basically a warm flat white in a takeout cup is like a giant hug for me. So when I received a package from botanicES Natural Caffeine Skincare range, I was so excited I bounded to my Nespresso machine and popped a Kazaar in like a boss.

Anyway, what I received was three 15ml bottles, one face cream, one eye cream and one body cream. They have pumpy lids which I LOVE, as my last eye cream was a tiny pot from benefit and I spent 90% of the time I used it scraping excess cream out of my baby finger nail. So yeah I eventually concluded I’d rather have wrinkles.

But the botanicES eye cream was super easy to apply, and was really light and not at all ‘claggy’. I’m actually really keen to use eye creams regularly as looking after your skin from a young age is totes important, and ya know I’m staring down the barrel of 25 in one month’s time, so I really need to up my game.

I’ve had pretty good skin all my life, so I can’t comment on how the creams react to problem skin, but if anything mines a little dry, and it definitely helped give me a more hydrated, plump look. When I asked my boyfriend if I looked younger he said ‘yeah you looked like 19 the other day’. So you know, there’s a credential if ever you’ve heard one.

After applying the face cream and eye cream morning and night, and the body cream to my legs because, ya know, chlorine legs ain’t cute, my skin defo feels softer, and maybe this is weird but it feels like my foundation sits better and has better staying power. botanicES has given me a great even base to build on, without overpowering skin that’s genuinely just ‘normal’.

PLUS, the small bottles still last ages, and they’re perfect for traveling.

Only downside, they didn’t smell like coffee as I expected, but they do have a light, non-synethetic smell which probably comes from the olive and coconut oils in the base. It’s really nice to see coffee skincare in a form other than a scrub. I love love love coffee scrubs, yes you Frank, and you Lush Cup o’ Coffee, but these serum like skincare babes are the perfect addition to my collection.

Off to fire up the ol’ aeroccino for a foamy Voluto.

Ciao xx

Thank you botanicES for the products and Shopping Links for the collab. 

botanicES Eye Creme

21 things girls do when their period is late

I’m just going to put it out there that I recommend any men reading this should stop now. Firstly for your own mental sanity, and secondly, no ovaries, no opinion, okay?

So for the last month or so my ever trusty ovaries have decided to fuck with me. I’ve glided through 24 years of life practically able to run a German train schedule around my period. Even coming off the pill didn’t phase my iron man pelvic organs. *makes fighting sounds*

And yet here we are. Last month I waited four days for things to, er, get going, and this month I’ve been waiting six. Not only that, three of my girlfriends are also late. Okay, I’ll admit, the female ability to sync up with your squad has always fascinated and amazed me, but cmon little uteruses (uteri? uteruen?), we’re all set to go. We’re moody, emotional, and our clothes are all a lil tight from the sassy bloat we’ve got going on. Stop making us raid the chocolate draw at work and let’s get this show on the road. Until then, here’s some anecdotes that I’m sure I’m not alone in enduring from the past week.

And before we begin, no I am definitely not pregnant. Amen.

1. You count on your calendar in excess of 59 times trying to prove to yourself that you’re actually just dumb and you’re not due for another week.

2. You calculate how many tampons and/or sanitary pads you’ve wasted trying to will your uterus to get shedding.

3. You put on your prettiest panties in hope you’ll trick your uterus into thinking it’s getting one over on you by staining your finest undies (because why the fuck does that always happen). Spoiler, in this instance it didn’t work.

4. You go for a run or do some star jumps in hope of shaking your pelvis enough for some activity.

5. You’ll spend too much time inspecting used toilet paper hoping for a slight glimmer of blood-tinged hope.

6. You head to the store and buying any vitamin or supplement you can find just incase that gets things going. Spoiler number two, it does not.

7. You brew up mug after mug of ginger tea because Google search result page 19 said it might work. Spoiler number three, it does not.

8. You want to punch people who ask you if you could be pregnant. Like C’MON OBVIOUSLY I’VE THOUGHT OF AND EXCLUDED THAT.

9. And when people ask if you’re stressed. Yes but I’m always stressed soooooooo?

10. Your recently visited looks like this (and yes the links are all that awkward purple because you’ve READ THEM ALL):Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.38.33

11. You run to the bathroom after realising you’ve actually forgotten about how late you are for about 18 seconds and wonder whether that’s relaxed you enough into coming on. Spoiler number four, it hasn’t.

12. If, like me, you’ve been lucky enough to have a support team on hand who are also waiting for their monthly treat, you’ll send snapchats like this:




















13. You start to feel like you’re neck deep in calories and guilt for all the chocolate you’ve been scoffing and justifying with ‘I’ve got PMS’ and fear you’re an utter fraud.

14. You start to picture your life in twenty years when you’re still this bloated and moody and your boobs have swelled up to the size of watermelons and wonder if you’ll still be holding out hope for this one period.

15. You start initiating sex more than ever before, like some kind of porn star, in hope that you can, ya know, poke it out. Spoiler number five, you also can’t.

16. You lay in a foetal position and have a little cry at what your life has become.

17. And react off-the-scale mental at anything that goes wrong.

18. As the days pass, you start to worry that your mood swings aren’t PMS and wonder whether you’ll need to be put in an anger management home.

19. You decide you’re 100% definitely infertile and/or dying of ovarian cancer.

20. You get excited when you start to feel things occurring ‘down there’ but are sadly faced with the reality that you’re nether region is just sweaty.

21. And on that note, you’d actually take a public unexpected-period-arrival-while-wearing-white-jeans moment over waiting ANY longer for it.


Anyway gal pals. That’s that.

Peace, love and tampons.

Coco x