Haii. I’m Coco, well I’m actually Emma, but I’ve been hiding behind the name Coco on this blog since about 2012 so hey, whatcha gonna do. I’m a British writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

I started this blog at Uni as a fashion and beauty blog, and since then it’s sorta merged into a listy, lifestyle-y, chatty place where I waffle on about the life of a twenty-something – with of course a dash of hilarity.

I’m addicted to coffee, cats and avocados, I love running and yoga, and every other aspect of my life is pretty much based around whatever phase I’m going through at any given time. The coconut yoghurt phase is in full swing, and I can tell ya, it’s going strong.

I welcome brand collaborations, product reviews and sponsored posts if the theme is consistent with that of my blog and my audience. Any items sent to me will only be reviewed if I deem them suitable for my concept and if I can honestly present the product in a positive way.

For enquiries contact coco@cocopopscouture.com.

Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey hunnie!

    Great blog…found it on britngirl’s blog and so happy to see another blogger who graduated in marketing. I did marketing and public relations. So we have that in common!

    Just thought I’d say hi 🙂


  2. heyy Kelly, thank you so much for your kind words! everyone on the blogging world is so friendly! Checking out yours now as well.

    Are you on twitter? @Scrambled_Emma is me if you are!

    Yay for marketing grads!!! have you got a cool job yet?! xx

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