Like the Lara Croft pun? Thought you might. To clarify, today I’m waffling on about BRAIDS! You remember, they frequented your dreams when you were counting down the sleeps until your holiday to Costa del Sol in the 90s, and were all you wanted for from your parents for the entire week (or ten days if you were an utterly posh and loaded middle class fuck).

You’d tire over deciding what colours would most impress your fellow year four groovy chicks, and which would most complement your Tammy Girl dress for the Valentines disco (where you were so totally going to dance to Titanic with your ‘crush’. – which obviously meant standing on the opposite side of the room to all the boys for the entire duration of the disco until your friends mum picked you up at the scandalous hour of 8.15pm).

You MIGHT have even been lucky enough to own one of these BAD BOYS:

Babyliss CrazyBraid

YES FOLKS THATS THE BABYLISS CRAZYBRAID – which didn’t produce the results quite as promised but you could usually manage to rustle up a half arsed plait with a few beads on the end to match your stick on earrings and body glitter, so all’s cool. Usually I’d link you to a purchase site, but unsurprisingly Amazon have dubbed it ‘currently unavailable’, which loosely translates as ‘caught up in a timewarp waiting for the world to be ready again’.

Anyway, if you’re nodding your head and snorting laughter at any of this (who am I kidding, I’m not THAT funny), you’ll be over the moon to hear that BRAIDS ARE BACK. Yes that’s right. Tommy Hilfiger is bringing sassy back with the hair braid – which is ironic really as Tommy Girl was likely the fragrance that you would spray on to complete your ‘stick-on-earringed-body-glittered-sass-pot’ look (if it wasn’t of course Glow by J-Lo, though that was mostly because of the totes gorge and classy necklace that came free).

At New York Fashion Week this week, Tommy Hilfiger hit the runway with its SS 2016 collection, rife with Caribbean colours and elaborate bikinis. But wait, wait, WHAT IS THAT WE SEE. Yes that’s right, hair braids. BRAIDS. THE MODELS ARE WEARING BRAIDS IN THEIR HAIR.

Tommy Hilfiger SS16 Braids. Credit Grazia UK

Image credit @GraziaUK on Instagram.

Life complete. The accessories have properly come full circle, what with flares and platforms being fully acceptable. By this logic, it’s basically 100% fine to wear that ever gorge skirt-over-trousers combo. Just sayin’, it’s sure worth a try.

Anyway, given Tommy boy’s permish, I’m off to find any random lady on the street with all colours of thread from god-knows-where and pay a moderately reasonable fee her to pull my hair – what has to be an unhealthy amount – and wrap as many colours round it as possible.

I’m pretty sure that BRAIDS is all you really need to know about the SS16 collection, but if for any reason you’re keen to see the rest of the show, head to Hollywood Life (as they have an awesome 43 image strong gallery of the all the looks).

Love always,

Coco xxx

Want one? Of KORS you do! Michael Kors New Collection.

On Tuesday, the Selfridges email hit my inbox. I opened it up and plastered across the screen of my iPhone was one of the most beautiful handbags I’ve ever seen. The new Michael Kors collection. I had seen it about but was yet to fully check it out, as I’m on a complete spending ban, but I just had to have a look when the email came through. Michael has only gone and done it again, with a to-die-for range of his Selma and Jet Set tote bags. I have a black staple Jet Set and a tan Dressy Tote (which is quite hard to track down now as its been replaced by the Saffiano Leather Tote, but mine is soft leather. I like the contrast of having the Jet Set in Saffiano and the Dressy in softer leather). I actually earmarked MK several years ago, but in the past couple of years everyone seems to have gone mad for the label, which makes me so happy. Its so nice that a more affordable brand (well, in comparison to Mulberry’s price point) has gotten so popular, and I think the more well known the brand has got, the better and better the collections are getting.

Anyway, the new collection sees these classic designs released in a combination of black, tan and white (yes, all in one bag). Now, I know there’s that age old rule that you don’t mix black and brown, but I’m sorry, you totally can. These new prints are perfect for summer, and have the perfect balance of subtle elegance combined with a summery nautical feel. ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.

1. Jet Set Saffiano Leather Tote £310

2. Jet Set Tote £260

3. Selma Leather Tote £260


Well thats my next save-up purchase decided!

Toodle pip

Coco x

That Weirdo With Five Colours In Her Hair

Oh hey! Hope everyone has survived the random storm that hit the UK earlier this afternoon! In classic British style we have gone from waking up in muggy, greenhouse-like conditions, to welcoming a thick black cloud of doom, which soon erupted in some of the most violent thunder, lightening and hailstones I have seen in quite some time. Now, like I said, we did this in our classic British way, so you can imagine what the weather is doing now two hours later? Yep, you got it. Glorious sunshine. What are you gonna do! Its a nightmare for fashion, this weather, I tell you. I left for work yesterday at 4pm, in a tshirt, jeans and runners. After a gruelling 7 hours I emerged just before midnight to be greeted by what first appeared to be the Grand Canyon. But it was in fact, Oxford Street after a rain storm. Considering my options on how to get home, canoe being a legitimate contender, I opted to paddle to the tube, my white tshirt now soaked through, and I looked like I belonged on Daytona Beach partaking in the yank tradition of “Spring Break woohoo”. Anyway, the point of that was just a weather moan. Its so temperamental this time of year!

But hey, enough of that. We have certainly had a very decent chunk of sun so far this year, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. It has prompted the high street to stack its shelves high with floral headbands and adorable accessories. I went into Topshop yesterday (though I had my head firmly in a no-spending mood, as my finances are still dealing with the post-Australia hangover), and came across their range of amazing flower garlands. You know the ones, that sort of sit on your head so you have to not move too much when wearing one. I tried one on, with a very sheepish look on my face as I felt I was being judged by onlookers (I have a confidence complex with things like that. I don’t dare to be daring all that often!), but I actually fell in love with it! Now, i’m not saying they’re ideal for every day wear, but with a maxi dress, or loose tee and denim hot pants on the beach or on holiday, they’re amazing! Yes, they’re hideously over the top, and probably too big for some people’s liking, but I’m seriously hoping these take off in the fashion stakes, and I want one BADLY! My birthday is coming up so, fingers crossed! (yes, my TWENTY THIRD birthday. Don’t. Just. Don’t.)

Here are some of my favourites!

1. Rose and Lily Garland, £16

2. Lilac Garland, £16

3. Daisy Garland, £14


I’m hoping I don’t get weird looks when I step out wearing mine! Reactions to follow 😉


Coco xx


£3 Perfume!

Today was my day off after working 6 days in a row, including two double shifts, so I was super duper excited to do some shopping! Thursday nights are also our payday, so I usually spend Wednesday jumping the gun on what I expect my wages to be, and splurging cash I don’t even have yet 😉 Thank you Master Card!

Anyway, I am going to do a full post on my purchases from today, but this one item needs its own post because I am still totally baffled by it. We were walking through the high street and spotted a market stall selling nail polish for £1, so we decided to have a rummage. You know. Anything for a barg. On the stall I also spotted some pseudo designer perfumes, with some very familiar packaging, so I sort of snorted in a condescending manor at the stall owner and went over for a sniff, expecting fragrances that mimic my cat’s urine. Well. I picked up the white and gold box with MISS TUTU printed on it, smirked and thought, oh right, so this is supposed to be Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is it, which I have in my collection and paid about €50 for. I sprayed it and could not believe it. It smells so similar! It is slightly sweeter, but for £3, I really was blown away. Now I’m not suggesting you boycot Chanel and go for this. No. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But I snapped one up for things like throwing in your handbag, taking on a night out or in an overnight bag, to a festival, on holiday….basically anywhere that you might risk losing your bottle of the good stuff. They had other fraudy fragrances there too, but I wasn’t familiar with any of the originals so I wasn’t sure how strong their resemblance were, but this one was actually really good. At £3 for 50ml, anything that doesn’t smell like wee is a bonus really! I looked up the ingredients of both, and the vanilla base notes are mirrored in the Miss Tutu copy, as are the extracts of jasmine and rose, making it a fab bargain copy cat!


C x

Sale Jewellery Haul

I have to admit, jewellery isn’t something I dedicate a massive amount of money to, mainly because it either breaks, or I misplace it, or it gets all tangled up in a draw and I can’t wear it anymore. Which is why, as soon as the sales start, I start to seek out some statement items. I’d say the majority of my statement necklaces have been purchased in the sale. Today I picked up some bits in Miss Selfridge and Topshop:





Necklace 1: £6 Miss Selfridge

Necklace 2: £2 Miss Selfridge

Necklace 3: £6 Miss Selfridge

Rings: £3 each Topshop

I can’t wait to wear these with shirts or slouchy tee’s!

Over and out



Hi all

Posting today from the gorgeous heat of the Canaries, while enjoying a little winter sun jaunt with my dear mumma.

So naturally, being in the canaries I’m taking advantage of snooping out some cheap, though admittedly poor, replica fashion items. Picked up a cracking Louis Vuitton style travel holdall yesterday for €15 so not complaining one bit.

As always, the fakes get me thinking of how much I want the real thing, and how far in the future it will be that i can actually afford one!

While fantasising about the Mulberry Alexas, Bayswaters, and the one that got away last season (cry), the Effie, I came to realise that I’ve been caught up in the Mulberry hype, when I don’t actually really want one anymore.

My attentions have turned to the, more expensive yet much more classic, Chanel shopper. (Lauren Conrad style obvs).

Coming in at over £2500 it’s far far far out of my price range and likely to never happen, but you never know!

I definitely think that Mulberry has become really quite over rated in recent years, and it seems everywhere you turn someone has one! Beautiful as you are, Mulbs, I think it’s time I lay that dream to rest, and move on to greater loves!

Back to England tomorrow, 7am flight, which means a 4.15am wake up call! Made in Chelsea ep downloaded in preparation for the plane, so now alls left to do is have one last cocktail and wave the sun and sea farewell!

On that note, Toodles!

All my love


Riding Solo

So, today is Saturday. Currently taking a break from attempting to teach myself statistics for the dreaded dissertation. Defo wishing I hadn’t spent 95% of my time in SPSS workshops in second year on my BlackBerry. Anyway, today’s procrastination topic is riding boots. The classic dilema for just about every female on the planet that hits around September time each year: Where can I find boots that 1. I like, 2. That fit me, and 3. That I don’t need to remortgage my flat to be able to purchase.

Now, I know better than anyone that most of the time I enjoy a cupcake or two more than I should, so I’m not making excuses for this, but I am one of those unfortunate females who is cursed with….yep, you’ve got it….chunky calves. It happens to the best of us; Kimberley Walsh, I feel your pain, and apart from being one of the most god damned annoying places to slim down, it also makes the annual boot hunt even worse than it already is.

After scouring websites for well over two months, and going back and forth along the buy-try-cry-return chain (yes that’s my own model, reference at your leisure), I, reluctantly may I add, ordered a pair that I didn’t even really like, from, and I am ashamed to say this, John Rocha at Debenhams. Branded ‘Dirty Debs’ by my House of Fraser employee housemate, I wasn’t proud of it, but I was at the end of my tether. I ended up searching for ‘elasticated riding boots’, which I can only assume was a common search term among myself and most of the female over 40s population. Anyway, they came, they fitted, I debated, and decided to keep them, on the premise that I probably wouldn’t find anything better. Don’t get me wrong, there are much nicer boots about, but for calf almighty over here, my options were limited.

Now, I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but I’m sure it has – you finally get your paws on something you’ve wanted for ages and ages, you can’t wait to wear them. You’re creating your own little music video in your head where you’re strutting along, wind in your hair, people checking you out, all to a feel-good theme tune that probably featured one of the American Pie films. The classic scene. Then the day finally comes. Pilot day. You will finally don your new item to more people than just your cohabitants and the tough crowd of fashionistas that is… your teddies (don’t lie, you all have them).

And then this happens: WHAT THE FUCK DO I WEAR THEM WITH?

And it did. Whatever I seemed to pair them with – jeans, leggings, trousers, I even tried a dress (bad move) – I just looked like a full time MUM going on the school run. And before you ask, no I couldn’t return them because I had already taken the bins out wearing them, you know, just in case an old wrapper fancied a piece of me and my new boots.

Anyway, I have worn them a few times. More for warmth and dryness than actual appeal. So I am now looking for some ideas and preferably some images of celebrities wearing boots, that I can try to replicate.

I have found a few ways to wear snaps. I will be putting these into action, and fingers crossed I won’t spend the rest of the year regretting the purchase!

Sorry for the waffle here! Not much inspirational fashion explored today. But as you may remember from what seems like 5 hours ago when you embarked on reading this ream of pure boot moaning crap, I AM PROCRASTINATING. Please forgive me. I hope you will as I can almost guarantee that at least half of you will be using this blog as a procrastination technique too!

All my love