June’s Birch Box!

So for those who didn’t see my recent post, I recently subscribed to Birch Box, and have just torn open my first delivery. Well well well. Impressed does not even begin to cover it. I am over the moon with what they’ve sent! As promised, here are my thoughts….

Firstly, the packaging is just to die for. A cute little box, with a Birch Box branded drawstring bag inside. I am so excited to be getting this every month! Perfect for my inner beauty product obsession!



The first thing I clapped eyes on in this month’s box was the Laura Gellar Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner, with a little brush built into the lid. I’ve needed a new gel liner for a while but I don’t wear it all the time, so haven’t got round to selecting one. This is the perfect size to carry around, and I wore it today and found it really durable and long lasting.



This was the Noble Isle Shower Gel, and this cute little bottle smells absolutely gorgeous. Just one sniff and you feel as though you’re transported off to the most luxurious spa in the world. Its really lovely on the skin, too. I would definitely purchase the full bottle, but its quite pricey, so only as a treat!



The nail colour I am wearing in that photo is also from this month’s box. Its the Color Club polish in Reign in Spain, which is the fluorescent coral colour shown in the picture below. This colour was developed exclusively for Birch Box, and while I first thought it was a bit too bright, I actually have fallen in love with it! It looks great against black and white outfits, and is really striking. I have had lots of compliments already. You can purchase this colour exclusively on the Birch Box site here.



The next product I grabbed from the box was this tiny little bottle of COOLA Cucumber SPF Face Protect. I haven’t yet had a chance to try it as the sun has not graced us yet, but this weekend is set to be a scorcher on the South coast, so it will definitely get tested! It smells like holiday in a bottle, though! It’l be great to carry around in my handbag for when I feel my nose catching the sun a bit too much!

birchbox 5


Yes thats right. This month I got five goodies in my box. Its usually four or five, and this time around I was lucky with the latter. Its the Beauty Protector Detangling Leave In Conditioner. I am yet to test this one yet as I haven’t washed my hair since it arrived, but as soon as I do I will post a review.

birchbox 6

You can go onto your Birch Box account and review all the products you receive in your box, and you earn points to spend on the site for doing so, so its great to let others know what you think of your things.

Salivating at the thought? Subscribe here NOW!

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow I am getting my final results of my degree, and its safe to say I am completely bricking it. Wish me luck!

Screen shot 2013-06-28 at 12.45.27

Birch Box

Sorry guys, boring title I know. I racked my brains for a catchy pun, but I don’t actually think there is one! Titling my posts are in fact one of the most fun parts, so I am feeling a little deflated, I won’t lie.

Anyway, what this blabbering is all leading up to is me declaring that I have finally subscribed to Birch Box. For those who don’t know, its a monthly delivery of beauty and skincare minis from brands like Molten Brown, O.P.I, Redken, Pure Fiji, Make Believe, and L’Occitane. Its fair to say im pretty excited for my first delivery. Its only £10 a month, packed with tips and tricks, and their monthly magazine too. If you’re salivating at the thought, click here to zoom straight to the subscription page! (Coco loves a click through)

Thats all for now, short and sweet for a change! Now back to work you lot! (I say this as it has come to my attention that many of my friends read my blog posts while procrastinating at their desks. I am more than happy to provide this service ;)!)

I’ll be doing a blog post on the contents of my Birch Box each month, so even if you don’t sign up, you can still enjoy my tips and reviews over your morning coffee!

Have a good week!

C xx