Slut Croppin’


Its fair to say ive been off the radar for some time, because, yes, its exam time. Waking up to the reality that you won’t be leaving the house except a quick dash to the library for text books on international something or other, is pretty bleak, but hopefully itl all be worth it in the end!

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, but things kept getting in the way. I am warning you now, its basically a giant moan about being too fat for little tops, so if you are a) skinny or b) against fat girl moans, leave now.

Here goes…


Yes, thats right, I know you’ve all seen it. Almost everything around at the moment is cropped. And all the new emerging trends are just a variation on the crop! And all everyone is seen wearing at the moment is crop tops with skater skirts, crop tops with midi skirts, crop tops with shorts, crop tops crop tops crop tops!

Even if us curvy girls all knuckled right down, signed our lives away and dedicated every waking minute to achieving a banging flat stomach, they would probably be out of fashion by then anyway! (because lets face it it would take me YEARS. she says feeding a slice of Dominos Sizzler in her mouth.)

And to make matters worse, the bloat broadcasting doesn’t stop there! How many times have you spotted a dress in a store only to find that it is riddled with sheer mesh sections right where your flabby bits are, or cut out patches around the sides?! I mean WHO would want to expose just their sides in a dress?

So, all in the spirit of boycotting the trends that are simply UNFAIR, my summer will be spent in search of curve flattering dresses, that would be worn best by a girl with a bit of meat on her bones and a decent pair of twins, that the crop clan can only envy!

Here they are!

Left to right: Asos £45, Mango £44.99, Topshop £45


Ta ta

Coco x