Homemade Hair Mask!

So, while I adore summer and have, in recent years, gone from ms slim shady (a shade fanatic) to a complete sun worshipper, my pet hate is the condition the sun leaves my hair in!!! This week, we popped down to my hometown in Bournemouth for some time on the beach and to visit my parents (yes, a meet the parents visit for poor boyfriend. Luckily my ex-cop father was too busy to meet. I definitely felt him breathe a sigh of relief at the news!). Anyway, upon returning to the big smoke, my hair positively resembled the cuisine of a fine donkey. Yes. Hay. Wirey HAY. The birds nest on my head carried more salt than my local chip shop, and my sand laden strands made me look like I had somersaulted through the Sahara. This, combined with a week in Lanzarote where while avoiding the sand attack thanks to the lack of beaches, I didn’t use conditioner on my hair at all, had left me in a knotty mess. I thought about dashing to Boots and buying a hair mask for some deep conditioning, but I find they rarely do more than my normal conditioner, so I turned my investigations to natural hair masks made from things I probably had in the cupboard at home.

After some google searches and a fridge and back-of-cupboard audit, I chose an amalgamation of honey, egg yolk, olive oil and avocado, which was great timing as I had half left from my lunch and was quite frankly panicking about what to do with the other half as I was on the clock before the inevitable browning commenced. So, as they say, two birds.

The ingredients apparently serve these functions, as far as my investigations have lead me:

Eggs – Use the yolk for dry hair, and the whites for oily hair, or the entire egg for normal or combination hair. I used the yolk for my haystack.

Honey – Honey is a natural humectant, so it traps and locks moisture, so its a great lift for sun damaged hair.

Avocado – The oils in avocado resemble the natural oils in our skin and scalp much more than any chemical packed product you’ll find in the store. Its perfect for taming and smoothing hair. I will tell you though, it is a real challenge to get out of your hair if there are ANY lumps in your mixture. Mine was quite lumpy, and I was picking the lumps out in the shower during my rinse. For the least hassle at rinsing, try and smooth the avocado as much as possible, into a paste.

Olive Oil – As you probably guessed, this one moisturises your hair and scalp a treat, though go easy if you have an oily scalp already.

Its as easy as that! Some mixtures I looked at used specific quantities, but I opted for a ‘squeeze of this and dollop of that’ method, and it worked fine! A splash of oil, a squeeze of honey, half an avocado, and one egg yolk. Mix everything into a bowl, smooth together, and apply to your hair right from root to end, and massage into the scalp, and leave for around 15 minutes, or as long as you can, and rinse. Its best to rinse with lukewarm or cold water, especially if you’ve used eggs, as the heat in hot water will cause them to cook, and you’ll have scrambled eggs forming in your hair. While it sounds hilarious, I can’t imagine its funny if it happens to you!

My hair felt instantly softer as I was rinsing, its been seriously tamed down and is much more manageable. I’m going to try and do one of these once a fortnight to keep it moisturised during the heatwave!

Have a good week ahead!


Coco xx

That Weirdo With Five Colours In Her Hair

Oh hey! Hope everyone has survived the random storm that hit the UK earlier this afternoon! In classic British style we have gone from waking up in muggy, greenhouse-like conditions, to welcoming a thick black cloud of doom, which soon erupted in some of the most violent thunder, lightening and hailstones I have seen in quite some time. Now, like I said, we did this in our classic British way, so you can imagine what the weather is doing now two hours later? Yep, you got it. Glorious sunshine. What are you gonna do! Its a nightmare for fashion, this weather, I tell you. I left for work yesterday at 4pm, in a tshirt, jeans and runners. After a gruelling 7 hours I emerged just before midnight to be greeted by what first appeared to be the Grand Canyon. But it was in fact, Oxford Street after a rain storm. Considering my options on how to get home, canoe being a legitimate contender, I opted to paddle to the tube, my white tshirt now soaked through, and I looked like I belonged on Daytona Beach partaking in the yank tradition of “Spring Break woohoo”. Anyway, the point of that was just a weather moan. Its so temperamental this time of year!

But hey, enough of that. We have certainly had a very decent chunk of sun so far this year, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. It has prompted the high street to stack its shelves high with floral headbands and adorable accessories. I went into Topshop yesterday (though I had my head firmly in a no-spending mood, as my finances are still dealing with the post-Australia hangover), and came across their range of amazing flower garlands. You know the ones, that sort of sit on your head so you have to not move too much when wearing one. I tried one on, with a very sheepish look on my face as I felt I was being judged by onlookers (I have a confidence complex with things like that. I don’t dare to be daring all that often!), but I actually fell in love with it! Now, i’m not saying they’re ideal for every day wear, but with a maxi dress, or loose tee and denim hot pants on the beach or on holiday, they’re amazing! Yes, they’re hideously over the top, and probably too big for some people’s liking, but I’m seriously hoping these take off in the fashion stakes, and I want one BADLY! My birthday is coming up so, fingers crossed! (yes, my TWENTY THIRD birthday. Don’t. Just. Don’t.)

Here are some of my favourites!

1. Rose and Lily Garland, £16

2. Lilac Garland, £16

3. Daisy Garland, £14


I’m hoping I don’t get weird looks when I step out wearing mine! Reactions to follow 😉


Coco xx


September Glossy Box

Its that time of the month again. The time that brings Glossybox to my door, full of beauty goodies for me to try! This month’s box has by far been my absolute favourite…I can just tell I’m going to love all the products. Usually I wait until I’ve tried them to blog about them, but I have just this moment torn it open and I can’t wait any longer to share it with you!

This month was the British themed box, and lord knows I love anything and everything British. Red white and blue plastered smothered all over the box exuding patriotism as it engulfed the beauty goodies inside. Here’s a little peek…



Clockwise from bottom:

Be a Bombshell Eyeliner Pen

Eyelure Preglued Lashes

Rimmel Blush Liquid Cheek Tint in 004 Sunkissed Cherry

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau de Parfum 5ml

Tony and Guy Shine Gloss Serum


IMG_4792 IMG_4794 IMG_4795 IMG_4793 IMG_4796


Reviews to follow as and when I’ve tried them all!

Have a fab weekend xx

Fat Hair!

Do you have flat, lifeless hair that just seems to fall the same way no matter what you do??? Well, I can’t say this is exactly applicable to me – my hair does have a fair bit of volume (thank god) as its naturally wavy, but after 6+ years of straightening, colouring, blow drying, dip dying, and now highlights, what was previously big, thick hair, has become much more limp and weightless. I think all the different hair styles and colours I’ve had have all contributed to my loss of thickness, but I am pretty certain it was my brief love affair with weaved hair extensions that broke the metaphorical camel’s back. Three rows of Shepherd’s Bush’s finest weaves and my hair has never been the same since, and FYI, I would NOT recommend it. The first few nights it feels like your head is on a bed of nails, and then its constant paranoia that they’re growing out (because if you let them grow out too far they knot and have to be cut), itching, and nothing but aggro when washing it (it feels so heavy when its wet, you feel like you’re wearing a full fur coat on your head). Not to mention that you can’t give your scalp a good scrub when you’re washing it, you have to wash the hair hanging down, so as not to knot it.

Anyway, recently I picked up a product called ‘Fat Hair’, which is sold exclusively in Superdrug (as far as I know). I was sceptical, as I’m usually quite specific with my hair products. Pantene and L’oreal, no thank you. I do believe you get what you pay for, so usually splash a bit more on more expensive ones, either direct from the salon, or more expensive shop brands like Tony and Guy or Lee Stafford. Aussie Mega ones are also generally quite good too, which is what I was using before Fat Hair.
A bottle of the shampoo cost just under £6, so its a pretty good bargain, and you can pick up some 2 for £7 deals sometimes too (only downside is the lack of boots advantage points, as its exclusive to Superdrug). Unfortunately they were out of the conditioner, so I went for the volume mousse instead, which you apply to wet hair after shampooing. That was also around £6. From what I have read the shampoo and conditioner work by enhancing the diameter of your hair strands, and the mousses and styling sprays work on making the hair look fuller, so I would recommend getting the shampoo and conditioner as well as any other products, as I think they actually thicken the hair, whereas the other bits just make the hair look fuller.
I have done two hair washes with both the shampoo and the mousse now – I substituted the conditioner with whats left of my Aussie Volume conditioner, for now, and to be honest I’m quite impressed. At first I thought it hadn’t worked, but as I was separating my hair to dry it, it looked much more bouncy and bigger, and it stayed like that the next day too, which is something my usual hair can’t sustain for more than a day or two. I have trained my hair to only need washing twice a week, so I usually resort to using product on the third and fourth days to keep it looking fuller, but with the Fat Hair range, it stays volumised for much longer! When I get my mitts on the conditioner, I am hoping it’l be even better, and I think it will get more effective over time when the hair strands start to thicken.
Have a beautiful weekend!