Happy humpday, everybody! Its Wednesday, and for those of you in the 9-5 world, its all downhill from here! Though I must address my dislike of this saying. It is richly marinated in ambiguity. I always thought it meant it was downhill from here, as in, downhill, getting worse. But as it turns out, it means the uphill struggle that kicked off 60 hours ago on the devil’s waiting room we call Monday, is over.

Anyway, today’s post is about EYELASHES, more specifically, lash extensions. I find this a topic open to great ridicule. You’ve got your haters (those who have either tried and hated, or who are repulsed by any word that is succeeded by ‘extensions’ – hair, nails, and so on), your veterans (like myself, who had them put on, took to them like a duck to water, and have never looked back), and the observers (those who either are oblivious to the fact that they exist – my dad, and every other male on the planet, really – or those who are fascinated by them but don’t know whether to join the craze).

I have to say, personally, they have changed my life! I first had a full set put on about a year ago, and have fallen completely in love with my natural looking, long lashes. Without sounding immodest, I get compliments on them all the time, and its a real time saver in the morning. I’ve been subject to extensive ridicule as to how much I pay for them, but I opted to go for Lash Perfect ones, which are quite pricey (£85 for the first set, and infills at £25-29, depending on therapist, every 3-4 weeks), but I love them. They work for me, and I loved my salon I got them done at, which, for the record, is Aphrodite in Westbourne, Bournemouth (just in case there are any South Coast readers out there!). I’ve seen both success stories and horrific failures of people who get other brands done elsewhere much cheaper, but I would love to hear about any lash extension experiences you have, and I will tell you why just now.

As you know I recently moved back to London, and I used the Lash Perfect salon finder to find somewhere in my local area to continue the upkeep of my pride and joy lashes. I found a lovely salon, who listed “Top Ups” as £22, so I thought I had hit the jackpot, and had found them cheaper in London of all places. Well. Take note. I’ve no idea what top ups refers to, but it does not mean monthly infills. Turns out they booked me in for a half set, which was £55!!! I must admit they were done beautifully, but £55 every three weeks is a complete joke, when I was getting the exact same lashes put on for less than half the price back home. I’m not usually one to succumb to the naivety that comes with London pricing, but really. Over double the price?! No siree!

Has anybody tried any other lash brands that are good?! Here are pictures of my lashes at the moment (this is about 10 days after infills, so they aren’t at their absolute optimum, but they’re okay). I need to find somewhere new, either for Lash Perfect, or for a new brand that still gives the natural look of these ones, instead of the tacky, fake, strip lash look that some give!



IMG_4950 IMG_4951 IMG_4953

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(My twitter name isn’t doing a great job of protecting my blog alias, but its so much hassle changing it! My arrival on the bandwagon of OOTD hasn’t done the mystery any favours either though, )

Lots of love

the ever inconspicuous, Coco