Home on the Grange – The Grange Hotel Review

Heyyyyy…Today I bring you a hotel review I’ve been meaning to do forever! I love visiting hotels in London, (even if it’s not to stay in, just for a nose around!), and this one was one of my favourites, so much so that we extended our one night stay to two nights, completely on a whim!

The bf and I visited the 5* Grange Hotel Tower Bridge in London on Valentines Day after getting such a good promotional rate, and we couldn’t have asked for more. The room came complete with robes and slippers, a super comfy bed (and it was huge), a plush bathroom, and a well stocked mini bar! We took a little video of our room here!

 IMG_5497 IMG_7331 IMG_7332 IMG_7333

We took advantage of the spa facilities, which included a large pool with surrounding lounge beds, foot baths, a sauna and steam room, and a large jacuzzi. Being Valentines Day it was quite busy, but definitely not as bad as we were expecting!

Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 00.42.22

We ordered room service during the night, to fully exploit the 24 hour service, and the food was amazing! We ordered a bread selection, which came warm and fresh with a selection of butters, a burger and fries (delicious!), and at some point during the stay, my boyfriend ordered himself a club sandwich, which I’m told was delightful, I just wasn’t there to taste it! (I was still en route from work at this point! Talk about liberties!). Condiments were served in those tiny individual jars by Heinz and Helmans, which basically sells any hotel to me – I’m absolutely obsessed with minis! Oh, we also ordered some cheeky nachos at some ungodly hour! (Yeah, we like food okay!)



 We had breakfast included, and it was definitely worth it! If you don’t have it included in your rate, I would most certainly recommend you add it on. I always say breakfast is a real deal breaker in hotels, and can really draw the line between star ratings. Particularly for a London hotel breakfast, this one was excellent. A wide range of hot and cold options, including cereals, fruit, an extensive pastry range (which I fuelled up on and dipped in the individual nutella portions, inviting severe judgemental looks from the couple next to us!), and best of all, HASH BROWNS. Sorry, but anywhere serving hash browns, particularly on a buffet so I can devour them until I’m neck deep, really gets an instant thumbs up from me! But seriously, hash browns aside, the offering really was great. When there’s brie available for consumption before 11am, who can complain!

The location is really good too. Just a few minutes walk and you’re at Tower Bridge – great photo opportunity. I really love going to touristy spots in London, even though I live here. Its one of those things you always say you’ll do, but things always get in the way, and when its right on your doorstep, you take it for granted. But the Grange Hotel Tower Bridge is positioned in the perfect spot to soak up the amazing city that London really is. There’s truly no place like it. From the hotel you can take easy transport links via the District Line, or various bus routes to get to anywhere you want to go. You can walk to The Shard and London Dungeons, explore the area around London Bridge (lots of good places to eat), and most importantly, shop! There is no better place to collapse after a marathon round Selfridges than the Grange Hotel beds!!! Perfect squish to firmness ratio in my opinion!

The Grange group actually has 16 hotels in London, all four and five star, and all in amazing locations to see the best of London – St Pauls, City, Holborn (great access to Oxford Street, and the Ajala Spa here looks amazing!), Fitzrovia, and tons more. I am desperate to visit the St Paul’s hotel. It looks amazing! There’s a Sky Bar which I think can only be hired for meetings and events *CRYS*, but I’m dying to get up there and see it! The bf is flying back from Aus in July (incase I hadn’t already mentioned 200000 times – sorry!), so we’ll hopefully take a visit there, maybe to celebrate my imminent pensioner status (yes, I’m TWENTY THREE on Monday). I’m keen to see Holborn too. Reviews will definitely follow! (Just not three months later this time, and with much better photos!)

So. Yeah. If you’re looking to visit the divine city of London, or you live here and fancy a night of luxury, Grange Hotels definitely get the Coco seal of approval! Follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@grangehotels) too! They post great updates and photos!

Night all

Coco xx


Tried and Tested: Elemis Illuminating Flash Balm

Happy Monday, everyone!

I am back with another beauty review! This time, its `the new wonder cream from Elemis. I spotted it on the shelf of my regular beauty salon and knew I would be purchasing it straight after my treatments! The Illuminating Flash Balm is an energising, skin radiance balm, that gives you a healthy, dewey glow, while deeply moisturising your skin and preventing premature ageing!

It glides on smoothly and weightlessly, and gives you an instant skin pick me up! I managed to score some free minis with my purchase (one of Elemis’s fave promotions), and the mini bottle is great to carry around in your handbag for those bad skin days we all have. You know the ones. You’re casually perusing Topshop and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and almost mistake yourself for Voldermort. Nodding your head right now? Then this is for you!

It contains a vitamin complex that encourages moisture retention, and purple orchid, noni and acai are the clever little cookies that stop our skin sagging. Now, we’re all familiar with the phrase “for best results, use with (insert brand name) shampoo/conditioner/cleanser/toner/facial wash, and yes, often its basically a marketing ploy to get you to buy the full set, and despite having just finished my marketing degree, I am a complete sucker for it all. However, I have really found that Elemis is one of those products that does its best work when surrounded by its fellow brand buddies. I switched to Elemis skincare at the end of 2012, after being a dedicated Clinique follower for about 3 years. Now, I wont lie to you, the first month of using it my skin felt really bumpy and horrible. It didnt look it (thank god), but it didnt feel right at all, but as I knew I had been with the same brand for so long, and that our skin renews in one month cycles, I persisted with it. It cleared up really quickly, and while it was annoying, it is actually a good sign as it shows that the change in skin care is actually doing something to your skin, and not just fluffing about on the surface. Its common to take time to adjust to a new skin care, and providing you’re not being mistaken for a shingles patient (i.e. all red and blotchy), its usually just adjusting and it will be fine, so don’t give up too quickly.

Treat your skin and invest in one of their cleansers, toners and moisturisers (if you’re budgeting, the flash balm can be used a daily moisturiser too, so you don’t have to buy both all at once). They have a range, but one of the best things about premium skin care is that you can go and talk to a skin care expert at their concessions, instead of just being left to your own devices on the shelves of Boots.

Here are some of my faves:Image

Left to right:

Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser, £21.00

Rehydrating Ginseng Toner, £21.00

Maximum Moisture Day Cream, £38.00

Papaya Enzyme Peel (exfoliator), £29.50

Skin Buff, £26.00

Over and out,

Coco x