#theSOproject week 3 – FOUNDATION

define: Foundation (n). The basis or groundwork of anything.

There we have it. Foundation acts as the base of every other step of your beauty regime. Without a good foundation, the rest of the structure (your makeup!) cannot be held, and this is why its so important to find the right foundation for you. I think a lot of us make the mistake of finding a foundation we like and sticking to it. Now, while this consistency can be brilliant, don’t be afraid to try new ones. Our skin changes and matures, and new products are brought out which might be even more suited to us than the ones we’re using, so #theSOproject posts will be a great chance for everyone to hear about products they haven’t heard of before, or hear reviews about ones they have been wanting to try. It’s also brilliant for younger readers who are starting to use new types of makeup.

So, what do you want from your foundation?

This is what you need to ask yourself. Do you need strong coverage of blemishes? Do you need colour correction? For me its most certainly colour correction. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and dash out without any makeup on, and by lunchtime I look all red and uneven, so for me I need something light but strong.

What colour should you choose?

Probably the most important question when finding a foundation. We all test foundations on our hand and often this results in us buying the wrong one. The best thing do to is go to a premium makeup counter in your local department store, and have them match you. They can try different things on you until you find one you like. I also tend to change my foundation in the summer, as my face tans a little, and my winter foundation can become too light. If you do find this happens, but don’t want to buy a slightly darker one, you can always warm it up with a good bronzer, but make sure you never get a foundation that’s too dark! The orangey smudge on your jaw line isn’t a good look, but I guess that goes without saying, really!

How should you apply your foundation?

The old saying, “A bad workman blames his tools” is definitely not applicable here. You wouldn’t dine at the Ritz using a plastic knife and fork from Burger King, so don’t apply your foundation with bad brushes.

Brushes Tried and Tested

Real Techniques Stippling Brush – I heard about this brush from watching make up tutorials so dashed out and bought it straight away. You use it to apply liquid foundation in small circular motions, and its really great for getting good coverage, as well as a dewey finish to your look.

Clinique Foundation BrushThis is the standard flat type of foundation brush. Its great for getting good coverage, and for even application around the nose and eyes. For me, these brushes tend to apply a little too thick for how I like my foundation to be, but for a stronger base they are brilliant. I often just use brushes like this for a night out, rather than day to day. I have a few freckles around my nose and I like to keep them visible, rather than covering them up completely.

Real Techniques Flawless Face BrushThis one has extra firm bristles and is brilliant for blending in foundations. I use it to blend in a bit of my Smashbox illuminator for a highlighted foundation base.

Real Techniques Flawless Powder BrushI use this brush for if I’m using a powder mineral makeup, like Bare Minerals or Bourjois Une. Its great for daytime.


Foundations Tried and Tested

I am currently in the process of moving house, so I am living out of a suitcase, which unfortunately means this week I can’t try my foundations on my skin and take real life photos for you I’m afraid, but hopefully by the later weeks of #theSOproject I will be able to show you better demos!

I can however tell you about ones I love and hate, and what they do.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Liquid FoundationI found this one through a sample in ELLE magazine, and by the sounds of it I wasn’t the only one, as when I went to buy it in the exact shade I had sampled, it had sold out! Luckily I got it ordered in, and I really love it. It feels so soft on your skin when you apply it, which I really love in a foundation. It gives you a matte effect, which I either finish with bronzer or dab on some Benefit Sun Beam on my cheekbones for a highlighted effect. My only criticism would be that towards the end of the bottle, the colour got a little darker and didnt’ feel as good on my skin, so I had to mix it with a little moisturiser to get it right.

Clinque Superbalanced MakeupThis liquid foundation from Clinique was great for me as its good at colour correction and provides moderate coverage. I really love Clinique as a brand, because their focus is so strongly on skin care, I really feel like their makeup products are good for my skin too. I don’t use them anymore as I have taken a break after a discussion with my beautician that I felt I wasn’t getting the benefit I was before, and she explained that our skin can get, almost bored, with a certain type of skin care regime and the benefits can wear off, so I moved over to Elemis skin care and the Chanel foundation. I have seen that Clinique have massively expanded their range recently though, so I’m going to give it a try again. Their Even Better foundations and Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser are on my wish list. The Moisture Surge range is absolutely amazing. I used to use the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel, and its brilliant. You can literally feel your skin hydrating! The Superbalanced ones are only £20 now, which is such a bargain for premium brand foundation. You can pay up to about £12 for some high street ones now!

Nip and Fab CC CreamI got straight on the CC cream hype when it came out earlier this year, as Complexion Corrector seemed pretty much exactly what I needed. This is the only one I have tried, though, and I do quite like it. If I’m honest, its great to throw on when you’re not going to put any other makeup on – just perhaps a sweep of bronzer – but I found it doesn’t interact well with other makeup items. The CC cream + primer debacle of April wasn’t one of my finest moments, and putting powder on top to seal it didn’t work brilliantly either. It does do exactly what it says on the tin – it corrects uneven complexion. But for a more polished, finished look, stick with foundation. CCs are great for on holiday, or popping out almost barefaced, though.


I hope you have enjoyed my first post as part of #theSOproject. I’ll be reading as many others as I can, so please share your thoughts on mine, too!

Lots of love

C xx


I am super duper excited to be joining #theSOproject this week. For those who haven’t heard about it, its a blogger series set up by Steph’s Inside Voice, which showcases beauty bloggers’ tips and tricks on various items of make up, and reviews of their favourites. Each week, on Tuesdays at 6pm the posts will go live with the hashtag #theSOproject, so keep your eyes peeled!

The schedule is below – we’re now in week three, so its foundation week! Stuck for a new one to try? Check out everyones’ posts for some inspiration!